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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cyberpunk 2077 Review Thread | 83 OC, 87 Meta


Predict which range Cyberpunk's meta score will fall in?

98-100 4 4.94%
95-97 5 6.17%
92-94 28 34.57%
89-91 21 25.93%
86-88 9 11.11%
83-85 5 6.17%
80-82 3 3.70%
Less than 80 6 7.41%
Undecided 0 0%

my gut had actually said 89-91 range but I went with 92-94. So far it looks like either or will end up being right.

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LudicrousSpeed said:

I posted that I expected low 90’s, but I completely forgot about the shitty social justice nonsense that will bring the scores down. There are already reviews complaining about culture at CDPR and supposed transphobia being rampant in the game. Only a matter of time before dev crunch makes an appearance, if it hasn’t already.

It being at a 91 right now blows my mind. It must be really great.

i have to agree.
I haven't played it yet, but I read a little about the controversies surrounding Cyberpunk ...
As with TLOU part II, this game will also be criticized for being focused on divisive themes from "in and out of the game"... Undoubtedly a testament to the polarized times in which we live, some will put personal beliefs in their reviews and possibly lose their impartiality. TLOUS II and Cyberpunk may be on different boats, but they are definitely on the same stream and river.

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Great reviews but I'm going to wait and play this on PS5.

91 meta considering the bugs is a really good score. I imagine as time goes on and the bugs are ironed out, the meta will increase.

Does meta/opencritic take revised reviews into consideration and update them accordingly?

That's excellent. But I would've expected RDR2 ish scores.

My prediction in 2021.

SW: 30m

PS5 16m

XBS: 7.5m

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Excellent score although I have been reading it has a decent amount of bugs. To be honest, I rather wait for the ps5 version.

PotentHerbs said:

Great reviews but I'm going to wait and play this on PS5.

This is what I'm doing. Plus, you know, I still have like 20 PS4 games I definitely want/need to play before I get more games. 

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Jesus Christ...the fact some Gamespot writer gets lit up for a 7/10 score (translating to 'good') is precisely why 'gamers' get viewed as petulant children.

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coolbeans said:

Jesus Christ...the fact some Gamespot writer gets lit up for a 7/10 score (translating to 'good') is precisely why 'gamers' get viewed as petulant children.

The problem with Gamespot is that people don’t understand that they have a totally different review methodology than most other gaming critics. I watched a podcast once and Danny O’Dwyer, who was a writer for Gamespot at the time, was the guest, and he explained that while most game sites only use the 50-100 portion of the scale (with a 50 being bad, a 75 being average, and a 100 being amazing), Gamespot likes to use the entire 0-100 scale like movie critics do, because they want game critiquing to be taken more seriously like movie critiquing is.

So while a 70 is below average for most critics, for Gamespot it is “good”, but not great or amazing. A 70 from Gamespot is equivalent to about an 83 from most other critics who only use the 50-100 portion of the scale. People don’t understand that and often attack them for bringing down the meta average of their favorite games. I think that is one reason why Danny left Gamespot and started No Clip, he got sick of dealing with the attacks over their scores.

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Gamespot reviews are garbage that is why people dont like them, its not because of the review system.