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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spain Top Seller Launch Games for PS5 and XBOX X/S

src said:

Digital is much higher and of course pandemic. Would not be surprised of a 50% digital ratio so 66k PS5 games, 17k XB games. Interestingly, that means XB is still in decline in SP and perhaps rest of EU as well.

I think my prediction that XB will sell even less in EU is going to be right.

Could even be higher than that actually. So far in 2020, Sony has had between 59-66% digital ratio on global software. So it's entirely possible that Spain's digital ratio is high as well. 

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I'm not Spanish, but I didn't buy a single game with my Series X. In fact, after a month I'm yet to buy a game. That's probably the reason the numbers are so low. Everything that I need is on Game Pass.