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Forums - Sony Discussion - Godfall review thread - Metacritic 62

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Theres a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this you know...

lol this didn't review well.

Well, I kept saying it looked bad and will be forgotten not long after launch. Warframe was free so while it sucked ass in the beginning people stuck with it since it was free. This is a $70 entry fee to play something that sucks.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I didn't expect much from it after i saw the first gameplay video. I can't see it doing decent numbers with that kind of price. A game like this should've been free to play tbh.

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I'll probably still buy it if I happen on a ps5, just to have something new and shiny with the console. It's absolutely no reason to go looking for a ps5 though.

The first thing Giant Bomb says on their launch day PS5 stream is "GOD FALL IS BAD!" Like the very first minute of the PS5 stream lol. Oof.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

It seems like the kind of game that I would download and enjoy when it becomes available for "free" with PS Plus subscription. Until then, I'm not interested.

Reviews don’t mean everything, but yeah I kinda expected these as the gameplay always looked underwhelming to me.

Granted, I'm not into these loot factory games anyways, but this game has never struck me as anything special in any way, I don't know why Sony latched themselves onto this so hard. I guess they were hoping to catch a new hot thing early.I was waiting for Miles Morales, but they just had to go and make that game political, so I'm thinking of skipping it as well.Not looking good for the launch lineup.