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Forums - Gaming Discussion - UK Next gen delayed?! Lockdown 2

Anyone else in the UK shutting themselves on your next gen orders? If you've ordered for delivery you'll be fine, but people like me who have store orders, wtf do we do?!

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Don’t actually riot.

I'm hoping they end up just posting them all out asap.

IIRC the UK rules allow for pick up/delivery. As much as I like supporting physical stores... why didn't you just order from Amazon?

I had £450 in my game rewards card lol

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Just got a tweet from they have already got measures in place for second lockdown so nothing to worry about. Looks like this thread died a quick death. lol

yeah they told me I can just pick it up worst case they will deliver it (Belgium).

Fei-Hung said:
I had £450 in my game rewards card lol

So why didn't you just order it to be delivered from

I got my PS4 from them and they delivered it on launch day with no issue. They also typically get new game releases delivered a day before release (sometimes 2) so getting delivery from their website is usually better than going in store.

Fei-Hung said:

wtf do we do?!

Wait until the lockdown ends?

They should be allowing for home delivery for that amount spent.

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