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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are Future Nintendo consoles guaranteed moderate success?

The Hybrid nature of the Switch has worked wonders for Nintendo and has been a remarkable success.With future Nintendo consoles following the Switch blueprint does this guarantee moderate success as a minimum? 



I think they will always sell at least 60 M in the future being they have the handheld portfolio included now.

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If they continue to follow the Switch hybrid formula, continue their strong 1st party support, and manage to keep 3rd party devs interested, I see no reason why they should ever have another console flop.

Besides our own passing, nothing is guaranteed.
Being a hybrid is not the only factor for its succes.

They have many ways the can make a Switch 2 a viable successor. Just expand on the media aspect with netflix, a more customizable OS and better online and it would be worth it for millions.

They won't have problems making games for 1 system and supporting it properly so unless they really fk up their marketing for the next console i don't see it flopping. Now i don't think it can repeat the freshness of the Switch that is beating records on so many levels for Nintendo. But i think it can still manage to be atleast on the level of the 3DS

If it's a portable, yes. If it's dedicated, no.


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Immersiveunreality beat me to it, but nothing is ever really guaranteed.
The gaming market has proven itself to be highly volatile and unpredictable, with complacency and fuckups being punished severely.
After the Wii's success, who would predict that it's successor would sell less than 14 million? Or that PS2's successor would be outsold by the Gamecube's?

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Nope. The Nintendo name alone doesn't guarantee success, it never has and never will. They still have to make consoles that actually appeal to enough people. That does seem likely, but it's certainly not guaranteed, and if it's something that few people care for then it will do badly, just as the Wii U did.

No. Nothing is guaranteed, especially in the world of technology where things can change quickly.

the future is uncertain,
only time will tell,
they thought WII U was bound 4 glory they thought wrong,

PS5 is under pressure to back up PS4's legacy
i can say the same for switch

both ps4 and switch had bad predecessors
while xbox nobody expects much cause of its recent failures,
they will celebrate greatly if they do beat xbone or still dread equally to the failures of xbone haha!

Nintendo has a history of poor transition strategies. Their burn it down and restart from scratch strategy means that every single generation is an entirely new game.

So, it's partially up to Nintendo, if they stick to this old-fashioned broken transition system, or if they update it to something proven to work like the Apple/Samsung model which doesn't burn down the previous generation, but builds onto it and develops their ecosystem into bigger and better things. It would be great if Nintendo released a new generation of Switch and had low-end compatibility with the previous Switch on most of their software -- it's conceivable that some of their newer software would depend on features exclusive to updated hardware, but that's going to be a small set of games.

Mostly, older games shouldn't require new ports for the new hardware. The Switch 2 should allow for easy updates that can upgrade Switch 1 game performance. I'm not saying that some new remaster release can't happen; only that older games should be able to be easily updated to take advantage of the more powerful hardware in what way they can: higher frame-rate, effects, and loading. This shouldn't be too difficult on the Switch hardware, since devs routinely do this on similar hardware.

If they burn Switch down and make some new platform from scratch again, then it might be successful, but it might completely bomb.
If they make a Switch 2, an evolution of the Switch, it will be successful since the Devs and market place is reasonably predictable. There is nothing like Smartphones around that could make the foundation brittle. 3DS might have been MUCH more successful, even in light of the rise of smartphones, had a few things happened: A) They launched at a more reasonable price for a handheld, B) No insane anti-3D sentiment, and C) an actual 3D film service like netflix. Something like D) More stable 3D at launch, probably would have helped a lot too. I doubt Switch is going to fall into the same pitfalls as the Wii U and 3DS - I think part of their issue is they added in components that were too expensive, and that jacked the price of the products up too high for consumers.

But anyway, I have a strong feeling Nintendo is not going to fuck Switch 2 up. It will be Switch 2 and not Switch U.

Switch U would be a failure =P
It's a Switch that can transform into a VR helmet, but there are a couple of catches: it has to be docked, so you can't move with it on, Switch U will cost 550 USD, and you can only have 1 VR helmet per multiplayer game,  so you'll have to play asymmetrically =P

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