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Leynos said:
Rafie said:

Yeah I you're right about the timed next gen exclusive thing. Oh and thank you for the correction about Yakuza being on Wii U and Time Crisis being Namco. I don't know what game I was thinking about from Sega that's in that realm. Not House of The Dead or anything. OOOOOHH Just thought about it. It was Binary Domain. 

Let's all get a Binary Domain 2 and VanQuish 2. Absolute fave TPS games of last gen!

WOOOOOO BD2 and VanQuish 2. I mean Platinum said they would love to do another one. That game was frustrating and phenomenal. Still haven't gotten the full achievement points for it yet. 

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At this point I wouldnt be surprised.

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Persona 6 only on Xbox?

The won't, feel free to quote me.

Leynos said:
yvanjean said:

When as blue ever been a controller launch color; especially calling Shock Blue?!?

LOL all this aside ... that shock blue controller is pretty cool. I want one!

I want to say Nintendo 64. I believe they had other colors at launch. It also was very close to SEGA blue.

Sorry, I meant from Xbox ... blue is not a color they really push especially at launch. It's very strange the three official colors of the Xbox Series Controller are Black, White, and Blue. 

Seem to me there might be a Sega partnership bring more Sega games to Game Pass and maybe a Sonic theme console in Japan. 

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Why would Microsoft enter the pachinko, pachislot, arcade, toys, animation and theme park business? Why would Sammy Corp split there business up to sell it it to a software company? That would be commericial suicide.

This purchase-begging is spinning out of control!

Sure hope not.
Sega themselves already too much harm on Sonic, imagine it being owned by Microsoft.
My Sonic Mania 2 dreams would be shattered.

Ryotsu said:

This post and link is getting ignored. MS has said no they are not. Done. End of rumor.

Besides do people really think MS wants to run a Toy Company? Hotels? Pachinko? SEGA/Sammy is a holding company that would take years to separate. There is no chance of MS buying SEGA.

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I don’t care anymore. Whatever happens, happens. Still better that MS buys than Sony. Sony will just keep it for themselves and force you to pay 10$ dollars more for each game, while with MS it is atleast guaranteed to come to two platforms (PC/Xbox). And you have Gamepass on top of that, which good value. So yeah, if any of those two is buying, I rather it be MS. But hopefully, there will be a long break before the next purchase.

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