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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2022 NBA Offseason - Rest in Peace Bill Russell

Nets didn't take the season seriously. Arrogance had them believing they didn't need team chemistry, they could just win because reasons.

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Was expecting more from Celtics Bucks game 1. Hope game 2 is better.

So that Warriors-Grizzlies game was a clusterfuck and a half.

Celtics Bucks is a series, let's go!

Man, as chippy as this Warriors-Grizzlies series is getting, the final game's gonna be like...

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Looks like Ja Morant is a no-go for Game 4 tonight.

I voted for Milwaukee bc all things considered, I believe they’re the best all around. GS a close second though.

Wooo! Bucks-Celtics is a series!

First half of Grizzlies-Warriors Game 4:

Well, the Eastern Conference Finals is set.