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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - going with that 17k, Xbox Series X/S will have the biggest launch ever

I read that title as "going with that 17k, Xbox Series X (sarcasm tag) will have the biggest launch" and wondered why isn't the sarcasm tag at the end

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In the plus side, the fact that there are still plenty people that probably want an XB1 in one variation or another, means that they'll have no option but to buy one of the next gen models, if they still want one.

Xbox is definitely supply constrained.

One X has already been discontinued and retailers reported they would not be restocking One S implying its soon to be discontinued.

Does this mean Series X/S will have a massive launch? No, things just aren't that simple. Microsoft isnt going to produce 10m Xbox and then have half of them sitting on shelfs unsold, they'll carefully calculate demand

shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, makes sense that the reason for the poor NPD is that MS has switched most of their production lines over to making Series S and Series X now. XB1 is out of stock most everywhere in the US right now, but it's clearly not out of stock due to selling out due to high demand, it's clearly sold out due to low stock, and the only reason why the stock would be this low right now is if production was greatly reduced.

Guys, you do realize that "The Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured", right? ( If Microsoft allowed sales to dip because of low stock then they really deserve the low sales...

kirby007 said:
BraLoD said:
More like weakest launch ever.

Not as weak as lod

It was one of the best selling rpgs from its gen.

Sony was the weak one.

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kirby007 said:
eva01beserk said:

I mean we could get simething from that 17k. Nothing possitive. Just means what it has happened for a while now. Low interest in the xbox family is droping even more. Such means there could be low interest in the series x coming up. 

All speculation of course. But is more likely than it meaning that the Xbox is selling low now because of low stock. 

Thats not what availability with online retailers show :) you cant sell if there is no stock.

but hey i know you cant handle the idea of xbox doing well, so im going to say : wishfull thinking on your part maybe.

Can't handle it? More can't conceive it by the correlation made here. Even if the supply constrain argument is correct, it in no way correlates to higher demand of series x. Even if there is higher supply of it, there's a limit of how many hardcore gamers will buy the console on launch. So even if they manage to make 10m consoles dosent mean that there are 10m people waiting to buy them. 

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shikamaru317 said:
eva01beserk said:

I think you are being serious. But I'm not sure, highly doubt it thou. 

Yes I'm dead serious. Xbox One has been sold out out every time I've checked US online retailers since about mid June, and it's also sold out at my local Walmart, Target, and Gamestop retail stores. Meanwhile, look at the Xbox One NPD numbers from earlier this year:

  • July- 17K (down 84% YoY)
  • June- 115k (down 29% YoY)
  • May- 151k (up 76% YoY)
  • April- 329k (up 210% YoY)
  • March- 276k (up 24% YoY)

XB1 was up YoY for 3 months straight, selling extremely well due to the corona lockdown boost. Then it sold out in mid June, causing it to be down YoY for June. It never got a proper restock in July, and it still hasn't gotten a proper restock in August. So, the question is, why would MS suddenly drastically slow production on Xbox One around about late May? Well, according to a leak in mid May, Xbox Series production began in May. It makes logical sense that the reason why MS isn't producing many Xbox One units anymore, even though it was up YoY in March-May, is because they have converted most of the Xbox One S production lines over to making Series S units. Meanwhile, Xbox One X has officially been discontinued now, so it's safe to say that the Xbox One X production lines have been converted over to making Series X units.

Could also mean that nobody saw this pandemic coming or the effect it would have with some sufering and some surprisingly benefiting from it like gaming did. 

As far as we know ms never made any adjustments to supply in a while and the higher demand burned the reserved stock but retailers dint order more because they dint know when this boom was gona end. Considering the one s is not gona be discontinued, this is likely as it always has been the one sold most as nobody will buy a one x when it will be obsolete in a few months.

Either way it in no way indicates any level of enthusiam for another product, wich may not be sufering from this pandemic by then. 

It takes genuine talent to see greatness in yourself despite your absence of genuine talent.

I can buy the theory that its supply contrained.

That would more likely mean slower momentum and brand awareness.
The factory isn't from MS for it to need a trade-off on production, they have a contract for X1 and now have a contract to Series X and lowering one doesn't increase the other. I would say it more likely makes the cost of each unit higher for the new unit since they have less volume contracted.
The ammount of stuff manufactured for smarphones and Switch limits the Series X production much more than whatever quantity they were making for X1.

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Eh idk. MS has to do a lot to fix the hole left by Halos delay.