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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Developers are having a difficult time scaling games back to PS4/Xbox One...

the gap of ps3 to ps4 is much worse compared to ps4 to ps5 though right?

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Never was a fan of this cross gen stuff. Sure the games don't LOOK like a huge jump due to diminishing returns, but that does not mean the PS4 and X1 will be able to handle games where this next gen leap counts. AI, physiscs, scale, post processing effects, and gernally new options in how the gameplay is portrayed. It is less about looking better (still a part though) and more about an advancement of possibilities within the games themselves.

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goopy20 said:

Digital Foundry's John Linneman has talked to a bunch of developers who have said no one wants to work on the under powered Jaguar CPU's any longer. Says it's a painful process. The tweet was followed up by a post from Liza Shulyayeva, a former DICE programmer who confirmed it's hard to scale to these older systems.

Could this be why Xbox One support got removed from some of the Series X games? 

But you told us keeping Xbox One in the loop wouldn't be just a transition period for games already years in development. Because GamePass.

You doubted Microsoft and their partners would let the Xbox One go after the 1 - 2 years transition period.

goopy20 said:
Chazore said:
Thread title mentions PS4/X1, but your ending question is only Xbox related...

C'mon Goopy, you gotta try harder than that man.

I know but Sony's been pretty clear that they want to move on asap, while Phil Spencer has said: "Xbox One Releases Holding Back Xbox Series X Games is a Meme."

Looks like Phil is becoming the meme now. 

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Told you that you were banned from making Microsoft threads, you're obviously steering this into one so, locking.