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Does anyone understand who the backup works?

If my switch crashes can I download my island?

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Updated my island added few home decorations and some beach decoration too

Now it's spring and it's nice to see everything green again, it's unfortunate there aren't fireworks though :(

IcaroRibeiro said:
etuoyo said:

Island is East 99

You have some interesting beach spaces to decorate in the southern part of the island, try to put some furniture there

Is there any reason to have 5 houses in the same island? I think it's the highest numbers I see so far

I'm really jealous of your wedding set, I just couldn't get into the event and missed most of its furniture :/

Your breeding area give me such a deja vu lmao, I had the same 9x9 area on mine, painful process to get all hybrids but paid off

Yes I still have quite a bit of decorating to do. Have not done any inside decorating at all. Can't for the life of me find the surfboard so that's made me not too motivated to decorate the beach yet. 

The five houses was forced upon me. I share the island with my 4 year old daughter and even that was forced upon me. She would start playing the game when I'm working and would use my ace and cut down all my trees and do all sorts of damage. So I created a profile for her. Stuck her in a tent on the beach away from me. Then as I upgraded my house she kept complaining about her humble accommodation. So had to get her a fully upgraded house. Mine is the house on one side of the island with the big grounds and hers is on the complete opposite side with the same sized grounds so she would have nothing to complain about.

But then she started creating profiles for her mum, brother and sister even though they don't play the game. I kept deleting the profiles but she kept adding them back. After a month of deleting profiles I gave up and just left the profiles. Since I didn't want tents I had to upgrade the houses.

It does give the opportunity to have different themed houses. I am planning to use the first house I decorate as a school. Been ordering school desks, lecture hall benches and all from Nook. Had initially planned that one house would be wedding venue but then decided to bring that outside where there can be much more room. Still deciding on what theme to go with for the other four. I guess one will surely be a restaurant. I might do a music studio and move the music section I currently have but the plaza indoors.