Forums - Sony Discussion - Prediction: PS5 launch price cheaper than expected.

The cheaper the better, seeing as how America will have millions more out of work as more and more companies go bankrupt.

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I also heard rumors that the they increased the order of 10 million produced units because of certain components being slightly cheaper combined with the huge demand.

The production cost is supposed to be 450 USD. Maybe they got it down to 400 USD per unit. R&D budgets were already calculated in previous P&L statements. But even considering distribution costs, and retailer margin they just can't sell for much lower than 450 USD for the model with a disc drive. They would sell around the break even point and encounter a loss in some countries depending on VAT and exchange rate.

499 USD seems much more realistic. Unless those plates can be swapped for other color or designs they might make some money with that too.

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$299/$399 We can dream :)

I'm guessing $399-499 digital and $449-549 with the drive. That's pretty broad so I guess I'll put my bet at $449 and $499 specifically.

That would be nice... but all signs seem to indicate a high price. I’m pretty sure it is going to be 599 for the main model, 499 for the digital.

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After the Bloomberg report that Sony has doubled PS5 production to 10 Million units by the end of 2020, I'm more confident in $399/$499. Crazy to see the $599 predictions in this thread lol. 

Just the copper and aluminum heatsink will cost more than this!