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Well the show is over, a lot was announce and a lot wasn't. 

A run down on the companies and games that were missing and were not announced or shown as well as the 1st party lineups.

It looks like the card game continues to be played between Xbox and Playstation, as it seems some of the developers were kept close to their chest of Xbox for their next showcase.

1st Party Games showcased

Games that were MIA

Flight Simulator

Age of Empires 4

Project Mara


Wasteland 3


Developers that were MIA

The Initiative

The Coalition

Mojang Studios

Compulsion Games

inXile Entertainment

World's Edge

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Just going by these announcements I'm getting the feeling that Obsidian is going to end up carrying Xbox Game Studios in the coming gen. They're shaping up to be the best purchase M$ has made. Really wierd that we got absolutely nothing from The Initiative, though. I guess we'll be waiting another year to see their big reveal? Was there any indication as to when Everwild will be releasing? I'm still cautiously optimistic about that one.

I don't know. This might be a little off-topic, but I feel like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo haven't really given me anything big to really look forward to this Holiday season. Well, besides Halo, I mean, but I still need to beat the rest of the games in the series first.