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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Paper Mario: The Origami King Reviews: 81 Metacritic / 81 Opencritic



Some Reviews


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It's a good score but I think I'll wait a while before getting it. I have way to many games to play right now.

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70 seems dramatic from IGN

Nice score. But I dont think this will be even a wake up call for Nintendo to listen to their fans about this series.

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PortisheadBiscuit said:
70 seems dramatic from IGN

They dropped the decimal system (though I'm not sure if that includes like 7.5, 8.5 etc) so it probably seems dramatic compared to old scores. 

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I predictedow 80s, and it seems to be on track for that. It looks like a great game, and an 8/10 reflects that. Will be getting this day one, as it seems most of the problems people have with the game is that it is not the game they wanted it to be. I never played the other Paper Mario games, so as dar as I am concerned is that as long as it is fun to play, thats all I need.

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Definitely no a terrible score, but having played it myself I can safely say Paper Mario is probably not for me anymore. This is the new direction for the series I guess and that's great if people like it. Tried the last 3 games out of dedication but each time I left disappointed. And with the future of Mario and Luigi uncertain (as well as not a decent replacement for Paper Mario in general) Mario RPGs are just not a thing right now.

I'm sure this game will sell very well as all 1st party Nintendo Software has, so enjoy I guess.

It's a little frustrating. Seems like there's a lot to love, but the most common complaint is the combat. I don't know why Nintendo feels like they have to reinvent the wheel each time when they have a perfectly good system collecting dust.

So it seems most arn't that into the story, or the gameplay (combat)..... considering that, a 81 score is pretty decent.
Its the comedy and characters/world that carry it.


"there are no real gameplay choices"
"always had enough coins to buy every accessory as soon as it became available"
"The Origami King flirts with a party system but ultimately steers well clear of making you decide anything there, either."
"likeable game despite the shallowness of its new spin on gameplay."

"best Paper Mario since The Thousand-Year Door." - metro Gamecentral.   (this feels like a common thread on new paper mario, its no TTYD)

"quirky writing is full of laugh-out-loud moments, but your quest is full of tiresome backtracking" - Game Informer

"I want to share it with my nieces and nephews, as well as my grown friends. But I hesitate due to the frustration of the combat and those imposing boss battles — those moments where I wish I had someone else to take over on the controller." - Polygon.

"keeps its RPG systems and character work light,.." - Gamespot

"might not be the successor to Thousand-Year Door for which fans have been clamoring, but this time the formula works, allowing the series’ great writing and worlds to shine through." - Kotaku  (its not the building onto TTYD fans wanted)

"Origami King is an action-adventure game, not an RPG, which is sure to disappoint Paper Mario fans waiting for The Thousand Year Door's second coming." - USgamer.

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"There's room in my heart for both styles of Paper Mario. The old games still exist and this newer, sometimes thinner formula is fine too. That said, it's possible Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have folded this subseries every which way they can at this point. I hope the next one is a little more fresh." - Destructoid

Gave it a 8 outta 10.

Ironic that review still gave it that score, when it sounds like hes dead tired of this type of paper mario.