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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Recommend good JRPGS for Switch.

Apart Xenoblade and FireEmblem games that i have played, is there something good to check ? I have my Switch dusting more than a year. Any exclusive title ? 

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There is the FF , Pokémon SS , YS : Lacrimosa of Dana

Ocotpath Traveler

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Child of Light

Trials of Mana

Romancing Saga 3

Tales of Vesperia

Dragon Quest XI S (it's the best version of this game and one of the best RPGs in the last decade)

If you have not touched the Switch in a year then you have not played the Xenoblade 1 remake which as the additional 20 hour DLC Story

God Eater 3

Shining Refrain is very Tales like.

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Child of light too

YanisFromFrance said:
There is the FF , Pokémon SS , YS : Lacrimosa of Dana

I have played all FF on ps4 and YS: Lacrimosa of Dana is available there too. Also i dont like pokemon. I like something in the Tales type of game.

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Leynos said:

Ocotpath Traveler

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

I will buy Octopath Traveler, when it is on bargain. I have seen some videos, i am not that sold. Tokyo Mirage Sessions looks interesting.

Absolutely play Dragon Quest XI S, I really cannot recommend it enough. It has an extremely fun story and I'd say it's one of the best jrpgs on the switch. I think it's on sale for ~40$ through the switch eshop right now but it's undoubtedly worth full retail price

Golf Story


Trails of Cold Steel 3

Xenoblade Chronicles DE

Dragon Quest 11 S

World Ends With You (on sale for $25 right now)

Fairy Fencer F (on sale right now for $8)

Mary Skelter 2 (comes with 1, and on sale right now for $16)

The various Disgaea games

Collection of Mana (comes with Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana (this is the original and only way to play it officially))

Trials of Mana Remake

The various Atelier games (IDK about everyone else, but Ryza and the Dusk Trilogy I would go for first)

Child of Light

Cosmic Star Heroine

Diablo 3

Final Fantasy (7 - 12)

Langrisser 1 + 2

Grandia HD Collection

Ni no Kuni

Phantasy Star

Shining Resonance Refrain

Tales of Vesperia

Alliance Alive HD

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Trials of Mana

If you didnt play Ni No Kuni on the PS3 I'd actually recommend the remaster on the PS4 over the Switch. But if you feel like playing something good on the go then you can get for the Switch too.