Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your fave and most hated main character in FF series ?

Favorite - Cloud
Least favorite - Zidane

Didn't played FF XV but Noctis seems pretty boring from the gameplays

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Favorite: Probably Celes, Squall or Lightning (Design wise only. Not personality). 

Least favorite: Vaan

Favourite: Squall
Hated: Cloud

Favorite: Terra, Celes, Cyan and Sazh

Most hated: Serah and Noel

I love Tidus because he is light-hearted whitout being annoying and his lore of waking up in an strange world kinda clicks with we players that are also discovering Spira.

The one I hate the most is Vaan. I think we can't even say he is a protagonist. He is so random in FF XII that I don't even see why he exists, and less so why the game gives him so much focus when he doesn't add nothing to the plot.

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Favorite: Terra,Ramza
Hated : Tidus, Lightning

People hate Vaan in ff12, but the character is supposed to represent one of the victims of the war (orphan) and the political changes around him. He dont have the power to change things alone, but he do what he can to help.
The scene of him and Ashe in Jahara explain really well his character.

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Favorite: Zidane

Least favorite: Lightning