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Please choose from the following titles:

1.Kingdom Hearts (incl. Final Mix)

2.Kingdom Hearts II (incl. Final Mix)

3.Kingdom Hearts III(incl. ReMind DLC)

4.Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories(including the RE)

5.Kingdom Hearts Birth By Slepp(including Final Mix)

6.Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

7.Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

8.Kingdom Hearts ReCoded

9.Kingdom Hearts Union X

10.Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A fragmentary Passage

My ranking is:

1.KH2 FM

2.KH1 FM


4.KH 3D



7.KH 358/2 Days

8.KH ReCoded

9.KH 0.2

10.KH Union X

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1. KH
2. KH2
3. Chains of Memories

Those are the only ones I've played. I enjoyed them all, but at this point the story is kind of intimidating. I played KH2 before CoM and the story went over my head. I think the KH developers are expecting too much of people to buy every single home and handheld system these games are on just to follow the story. I'd prefer if KH1, 2 and 3 had the core story and everything else was optional. But the way these games are structured the other games have relevant parts of the story.

1. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
2. Kingdom Hearts 2
3. Kingdom Hearts
4. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories
5. Kingdom Hearts 3
6. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
7. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
8. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage

Something like that. I have Re:Coded, but havent played much of it.

1. KH2
4. KH

I think those were the only ones I've played.

I beat the first three games and KH final mix, but to put it simply Kingdom Hearts 2 was such a huge disappointment that it killed the series for me. I’m very familiar with the lore as new games released and unfortunately it seems like it’s still a complete mess. All the games have redeeming qualities so I’m not calling the series trash and Kingdom Hearts 1 will remain one of my favorite games of all time, especially for the memories it gave me. I can’t rank them all.

1. KH1/FM

2. Chain of Memories

3. KH2

I enjoyed the levels I played in KH3 more than I ever enjoyed KH2 so it’s possible I’d rank it higher, but I only borrowed the game. (Olympus and Toy Story)

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