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I beat the first three games and KH final mix, but to put it simply Kingdom Hearts 2 was such a huge disappointment that it killed the series for me. I’m very familiar with the lore as new games released and unfortunately it seems like it’s still a complete mess. All the games have redeeming qualities so I’m not calling the series trash and Kingdom Hearts 1 will remain one of my favorite games of all time, especially for the memories it gave me. I can’t rank them all.

1. KH1/FM

2. Chain of Memories

3. KH2

I enjoyed the levels I played in KH3 more than I ever enjoyed KH2 so it’s possible I’d rank it higher, but I only borrowed the game. (Olympus and Toy Story)

Last edited by FormerlyTeamSilent13 - on 29 June 2020