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JWeinCom said:
Pemalite said:

But that hasn't happened either.

But why not both? There is a NES Classic and a SNES Classic and Switch Online supports both those consoles too.

You expect Nintendo to release an N64 classic AND release N64 games online?  You act as though Nintendo likes money and does logical things in pursuit of that money...

I don't expect anything.
It's what I would like to see though. Nintendo does what Nintendo does afterall...

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I mean it’s been a failure for them so far overall and they’ve tried the IPs that should have hit the biggest on mobile like super Mario, Mario Kart, and ac. Not to mention the Switch itself is essentially a mobile device. So there’s zero sense for them to stay in the market at this point

Didn't all those games except Fire Emblem have terrible monetization strategies? Seems like they didn't bother researching how the mobile game industry works and they just through out games with bad monetization and then when they obviously failed they through their hands up and said oh well i guess mobile doesn't work. I know for a fact the Mario and Mario Kart games had horrible monetization strategies. So it is no surprise those failed. Maybe they'll give it another go sometime and actually do some research first. A real missed opportunity for Nintendo for making money.