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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Console gaming belongs to the entertainment industry not the tech industry and Nintendo has won.

Pyro as Bill said:
SvennoJ said:
So why doesn't Nintendo simply become a 3rd party developer, releasing their software on everything that can run it, which should be just about everything :)

Why should they when they can do it from their own platform like Disney did after their 3rd party tryout?

Tech evolves, content is king.

Is that Disney thing actually taking off? I'm still buying their 3rd party outings, blu-ray, runs fine on ps3!

But true why should they, when suckers like me buy their system just to play Zelda and Mario every gen. Then wonder how good botw could look on some decent hardware :p (I played Botw for 170 hours on a 1080p projector. Switch had to sit in the middle of the room because the left joy con kept losing connection if the Switch was more than 2 meters away... crappy WiiU range all over again)

Tech evolves, keep up!

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Different people have different taste. More competition the better. I wouldn't want Nintendo to be the only option available. Competition keeps them one their toes and has them innovate instead of becoming stale.

Was just wondering how many beers or shots have you drank tonight?

Locking for several reasons:

1) You've made threads like this before Pyro
2) It is clear that you didn't research the material and it is designed to cause needless friction