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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ace Combat series. What is it and where to start? Never played but curious

This is a series I never played. Know little about it. Are they very arcadey? Or Armored Core with jets? Is 7 a good place to start?

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I've only played one of them. Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies for PlayStation 2.

It's a mix between arcade flight and authentic flight simulator. So there are points you earn that can be used to buy new aircrafts, upgrade them, etc.
There's a story in between each mission that seems to be set in a fictional world similar to ours.

I remember it also had some interesting music at times that I wouldn't expect in the game.
This one playing during the final mission stuck in my mind for a long time for some reason.

Can't say I know if there's a best place to start, but the latest one seems like a good choice.

All you need to know is that it's great and you should start from 2.

Really not into sim stuff so that has me thinking if I should ot not get AC7

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@Acevil can tell you how shit they are

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Leynos said:
Really not into sim stuff so that has me thinking if I should ot not get AC7

Check out a few reviews and gameplay, see what you think... haven't played it myself (yet) but I've enjoyed the two Ace Combat games that I HAVE played (4 and 5)

It's no sim but great in VR! It's very arcady with waves of enemies that are designed to overwhelm you if you take your time. The flight model is pretty simple with L2 to brake or slow down and R2 to speed up or boost. It's pretty hard to stall the plane, landings are very easy and never required, ammo seems infinite. It's no IL-2 Sturmovik but fun in short blasts.

Yes, 7 is fine place to start.  It's also the most easily accessible.  It's a pretty fun game, too.  The last one I played before 7 was 4.  Not including assault horizon, which people say is bad.  I didn't play it enough to make a good opinion on it, but I do like AC7 very much.  Great soundtrack, and great gameplay.

kirby007 said:
@Acevil can tell you how shit they are

How dare you! Also I think Zero for me was the best place to start. Six also stands alone by itself. Some of the geopolitical elements of 4,5, and 7 can be considered linked but all of them can stand by itself. 


Mission 444 is awful

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