Forums - Sony Discussion - Top5 PS4 JRPGS

1. Persona 5

2. Dragon Quest XI

3. Trials of Mana

4. Final Fantasy VIIR

5. Tales of Zesteria

Bloodborne and Nioh could be up there as well, but the style of gameplay feels a bit more western IMO.  They are still JRPGs technically though, so they get an honorable mention.

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The only ones I've finished are Nier: Automata, DBZ Kakarot and NiOh (which is more action oriented), unless I'm forgetting something.

My #1 right now is Nier: Automata.
Currently playing through P5 Royal.

In no particular order
Persona 5
Dragon Quest XI
Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2
Tales of Berseria

Fei-Hung said:
1) P5
2) Ys 8
3) Nier Automata
4) Yakuza 6
5) Judgment

I think only the last Yakuza would really configure a JRPG, judgment or 6 wouldn't perhaps Paradise Lost would.

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1. Persona 5 / Royal
2. Dragon Quest 11
3. Ni No Kuni 2
Cant wait of Granblue Fantasy - JRPG, Yakuza 7, Digimon Survive, the new Tales of-Game and Persona 6 in Future!

Game of the Year 2020: Ghost of Tsushima, Persona 5 Royal or The Last of Us 2 ?!

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P5, P5R, FF XV.
This gen had a lot of great Japanese games in general but the majority of them were not JRPGs. Like Yakuza games, Nier Automata, etc.


What about Bloodborne? I've played paradise lost. I enjoyed it. It was like a dirty pleasure. Reminded me of Anarchy Reigns last gen. Enjoyed Nioh2 so I can replace the ones which don't count. 

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Hard for me to decide so many I haven't even played.

1. FF7R
2. Tales of Vesperia
3. DQ11
4. Trails of cold steel series
5. Nier

OOF this is a tough one, but in no order

Dragon Quest 11
Nier Automata
Persona 5
I can't decide on a fifth one :C

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