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There are so many Tales games out there we loved. In anticipation of Tales of Arise(first real attempt to upgrade the graphics), what are the top 3 and the worst game.

My Top 3 Tales

1.Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

I loved everything About this game, the story, the characters, the battle System, the world, 10/10

2.Tales of Berseria

Probably the most enganging Tales plot, dark theme, revenge etc. Great world, great characters etc

3.Tales of Symphone

Classic, beautiful, still playable

Worst Tales

Tales of Zestiria

So bad and blurry i couldnt finish it, the graphics are so so so bad and the characters look kinda dead, the whole world seems kinda bad made, it was pain foing through this.

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Sure are making a lot of JRPG topics... but hey JRPGs are my favorite.

1.) Tales of Symphonia
2.) Tales of Vesperia
3.) Tales of Phantasia

I know Phantasia isn't a lot of people's favorite but it's such a classic and it got me into wanting to write and create my own stories. Same with Symphonia. I only recently played Vesperia and am so mad I missed out on it as a kid but I could only get 1 console at that time and the family got a Wii. Dawn of a New World wasn't exactly great but it was okay.

That's tricky. Zesteria was just ok. Found the combat subpar.
Berseria was amazing easily the best one. Berseria was made a lot better by the "history" and the connections of Zesteria.

Similar Xillia 1 and 2 are both very good.

1) Berseria
2) Graces F
3) Xillia

Didn't care for Vesperia. You had random characters "removed" for story purposes but they didn't do anything with them. So when you got them back they were under leveled, and under skilled.

You had to buy cooking ingredients everywhere. Plus you had to be careful about who cooked what to unlock more recipes. And you had to equip skills at the same time you equipped other skills to unlock stuff etc.

Good characters. Good combat. The rest screamed "I need a strategy guide".

Also I played it on the Xbox 360 and could never get the "wolf" achievement. There was like one tiny spot I never found and I gave up.

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You keep those JRPG topics coming. 

1.- Berseria
2.- Vesperia DE
3.- Symphonia
Honorary mention: Phantasia, which was my first.

I guess Ill mention Zestiria as my last. Those are all the Tales games I've played. 

Not much to add. I just like Berseria's story and characters more and I feel the flow of the combat system is the best in the franchise so far - or at least of the 5 games I've played. 

1. Tales of Symphonia

Still the most epic of the series, where they really put everything together, and my favorite cast of characters.

2. Tales of Vesperia

Probably the grittiest of the series, and it had the best voice cast. The graphics still look pretty good on current consoles with the Definitive Edition.

3. Tales of Xillia

Enjoyed the game world, and I like Milla as a heroine.

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Liked Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Graces the most,i dislike "'recent titles' because the games have become too cookie cutter like for me.
Only semiliked Tales of Xillia,Xillia part 2 did not even feel like a full worthy game,found Zesteria uninteresting and started Berseria bit ago to just be sick of it after like 4 hours feeling like i was wasting time.
Dragon Quest 11 is doing wonders atm to fill my need of playing wellcrafted jrpgs.

I'll rank the four Tales games I've played:

1. Tales of Vesperia - This game has one of my favorite casts of characters in J-RPGs, probably only second to FFVI, and Yuri is my favorite J-RPG protagonist ever. The battle system aged very well and the plot is engaging. The amount of content the definitive edition has is insane, I love how the side quests show a lot of interactions between the characters rather than being just fetch quests.

2. Tales of the Abyss - I love the story, the whole concept of the game's world, and the development of the characters and their interactions. This also has a lot of content.

3.-Tales of Symphonia - The battle system didn't age very well but I like the characters and the story is interesting.

4.-Tales of Graces f - This game's battle system is amazing and I really like the inteactions between the characters, but the plot is kind of a mess.

Edit: Oh yeah, I also tried to get through Xillia some time ago, but I couldn't stand traversing the bland environments so I never finished it.

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My top 3 is the basic trinity:

1. Symphonia
2. Vesperia
3. Abyss

All 3 are fantastic in my book.

The only game in the series (of the ones I've played) that I didn't like was Dawn of the New World. It feels like they started out making a standalone title and then suddenly decided it should be a Symphonia sequel instead. Doesn't do the world or characters of the original justice at all.

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