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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Greatest Videogame Love Stories?

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Shulk and 7 - Xenoblade Chronicles


Edited to avoid potential spoiler... probably unnecessary but since the definitive version just came out, better safe than sorry- JWeincom

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Zidane and Garnet (Final Fantasy IX) is my favorite. Dat ending.

best advice ever in a love scene:


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Squall and Rinoa

Tidus and Yuna

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Farsala said:
Squall and Rinoa

That one.

Also, Rosa and Balder from Bayonetta

Hana and Rain from Fear Effect 2 come to mind. I bought it hoping to see some PS1 titties. Instead, I found a caring and deep relationship between two females.

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ARamdomGamer said:

Timpani and Blumiere from Super Paper Mario is a really great one.

They are on the second spot for me.

The first one? Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption


Long Story short: Crusader Christof Romuald gets wounded in the intro and the nun Anezka is nursing him day and night, which saves his life. To thank the convent and it's Bishop for saving his life he fights undeads for them, only to get bitten and turned into a vampire himself. But she doesn't reject him, and instead gives hope for them to rejoin, but Christof lost his hope already at that point.

Later, you find out that she went by herself to vampire clans, where her purity is so radiant she almost burns them. She gets turned nontheless by a Methusalah (a very old and powerful vampire), but turns out she does it on purpose so she can reunite with his love while also stalling her sire's plan to end the world.

Centuries later in the modern world, Anezka reawakens Christof who got trapped under the rubble of a collapsing building in the medieval times. He slowly finds out about what is about to happen and that Anezka will be there too.

Now depending on how you played, you can become happy together, but also be forced to kill her, but either way: Who else can claim pursuing your only true love for an entire millenia and get a happy ending?

There is no better love storys than the holy trinity of love videagame story than

Rinoa and squall
Tidus and yuna
Zidane and Garnet

Comparing this to a weird fat moustache guy and a chick in a pink dress called peach that are from games that dont even have a story is like comparing Shakespeare Romeo and juliette to American pie movie romances