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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Categorically, where does Ring Fit Adventure Fall on the in-house New IP scale. Splatoon/ARMS, or Nintendogs/Labo?

I put Ring Fit Adventure in the same category as Mario Kart Wii.  It's kind of a bridge between the two types of games  The Wii had these concept driven games where the concept was motion controls: Wii Sports, Wii Play, etc....  Nintendo also had all of their normal IP games.  Mario Kart Wii was meant to appeal to both crowds.  It had motion controls but it also was already a character driven title like a normal Nintendo game too.  It was meant to bridge the two types of player together.

That is what Ring Fit Adventure is trying to do.  There is the Wii Fit crowd and then there are core gamers who might want to be more active.  This is trying to appeal to both.

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It's an hybrid experience, just like the Switch.

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Mar1217 said:
It's an hybrid experience, just like the Switch.