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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What will sell more, Pokemon Sword/Shield or Zelda Breath of the Wild?


What game will sell more lifetime?

Zelda Breath of the Wild 15 88.24%
Pokemon Sword/Shield 2 11.76%

Breath of the Wild would easily take it. Pokemon Sword and Shield are at best very average Pokemon games. So they get average results. Pokemon did get a boost thanks to the Switch's software selling power and the fact that this is the 1st home console Pokemon. Although Pokemon won't have its legs chopped off by a new release so I expect it to sell around 22 million. Zelda, I expect to land at around 25 million. Also, Zelda is almost outselling Pokemon on a weekly basis already.

So yeah Zelda wins.

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BOTW has a sequel coming out which will boost the OG title legs even more. And Zelda games tend to be different experiences between titles unlike the repetitive nature of Pokémon games.

So people who got in with the sequel will undoubtedly go back and buy the original game.

It's going to be close. Zelda has amazing legs, but Pokemon is going to keep selling for a while too. In the end I have to give it to Zelda though. I expect the next Pokemon game to be better while the next Zelda game will be worse. Just my hunch. But if that's true the next Pokemon game will seriously cut into the legs of Sword/Shield while BotW's legs will keep going.

BotW going to sell 30mil. It’s no contest, Pokémon will do 23mil-25mil lifetime but Zelda is selling 4mil yearly and BotW2 won’t cut off BotW legs at all

Then there is the fact that BotW is most likely to get the budget Nintendo select deal in 2/3years