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AIDS deaths reach their lowest level since 1993

A vaccine against Malaria has reached the final stage of human trials

Denmark has announced that it will cancel all future permits for oil and gas exploration in the North Sea

Satellite data shows that the UK’s woodlands have been restored to cover as much of the country as they did during the Middle Ages

Once hunted to the brink of extinction, the Bowhead Whale’s population has returned to almost pre-commercial whaling numbers

Global carbon emissions are down by 7% in 2020, the largest drop ever recorded

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The Newark police force did not fire a single shot in 2020 after successful de-escalation training


In 2020, Norway became the first country to sell more electric than petrol or diesel cars


50 countries just joined new coalition to protect 30% of the planet’s land and oceans by decade’s end


UK debuts geothermal power plant that supplies electricity to 10,000 homes


Pollution laws may have saved 1.5 billion birds over the last forty years in the US alone


Adidas to launch shoes made from sustainable mushroom leather


Implants allow a quadriplegic man to control prosthetic arms with his brain


And on a personal note, the first whispers of sensation have started to return to the part of my leg that was replaced by a tissue graft, showing that the nerve transplant is growing in ahead of schedule.

Man regains sight after receiving world’s first artificial cornea:

New lab-grown wood could help cut down on deforestation:

 $14 Billion raised to continue planting trees across Africa to keep the Sahara Desert from expanding and destroying villages and habitat:

 NASA estimates there are 300 million habitable planets in the Milky Way:

Kenyan woman finds a way to recycle plastic into bricks that are stronger than concrete:

There were just 24 cases of Guinea Worm Disease in 2020, down from 52 in 2019 and 3.5 million in 1986:

Scottish scientists develop a laser system that removes cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue:

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Yale scientists repair injured spinal cords using patients’ own stem cells:

In world first, scientists manage to breed endangered Harlequin toads:

First school ever built with 3D printing set to be made in Madagascar, to cost half as much as traditional construction:

69 dams were removed in the US last year, reconnecting over 1000km of waterways and revitalizing ecosystems and local economies:

El Salvador becomes the first Central American country to eliminate Malaria:

Infant mortality in the Philippines has fallen by almost 80% since the 1950s:

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