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Which is the better Post-Apocalypse game franchise

Metro 15 53.57%
Fallout 12 42.86%
Neither 1 3.57%

I much prefer Metro.

More immersive, more interesting setting, better gameplay and audio-visual presentation.

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Fallout was fully inspired by the Wasteland series.

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Fallout, for me, though i've played both series. Especially Fallout 3 & New Vegas.

For me fallout is a tremendous amount of content but mediocre,fallout 4 looks like it could be a ps2 game put upon the ps4 using an old engine with skyrim reskinned assets and animations.

Leynos said:
Fallout was fully inspired by the Wasteland series.

Not inspired, both are Brian Fargo's children, Interplay just couldn't get Wasteland IP back from EA IIRC

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Two very different franchises and I'm a fan of both. I'm currently playing Sam's Story dlc on Metro: Exodus.

I still voted Fallout, simply because New Vegas was so good.

If it was just F3 and New Vegas then that would have won. But with F4 and especially F76....Metro is 100% the better franchise.

By far the most atmospheric games I’ve played in years.

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