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I think it's fine when developers introduce cheat codes to let the player explore at their own pace. For example, there is original DOOM's God mode. You still have the main game, the way is meant to be played, and the cheat mode, which allows you to be engaged with the game in different ways.

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I agree that the devs should make whatever game they want to make, or whatever the investors are willing to pay for. That's really the only thing that matters. Nobody except those who fund the development and make the game should have any direct say in anything about the game. Players will, of course, have a lot of indirect impact as they vote with their wallets. But, if the devs and investors want to ignore market forces and make a game that is easier or harder than potential buyers want, or includes modes that piss them off, that's their prerogative.

If the game is too hard, use a cheat engine. But if you complain "wah wah this is too hard, add an easy mode", you are just a cry baby. When a game is too easy, players find additionnal challenges. JRPG are good examples.

I'm of the opinion that not every game is for everybody. Nor should it be. That is how you get a watered down games industry. We live in a time where we have more games than we can reasonably be expect to play. If one game is too hard (or too easy, or too boring), move on. There are a dozen or more waiting to take its place in your collection.

Variety is vital. Don't compromise that by demanding that every game be for everybody.

I've never come across a game that was legitimately too hard. Not for me, and not for anybody decent at games. Dark Souls has a multiplayer function to help you get past bosses. Even if you don't have access to multiplayer, just grind until you are overleveled enough to face the boss. Same goes for Sekiro. 

Most games that are deemed hard are simply asking a little more competence from their players. Everytime I've seen somebody claim a game is too hard, they didn't fully grasp all the gameplay concepts. 

In Sekiro you need to know that an orange spark means you need to block next. A yellow spark means you are free to counterattack. 

In Ninja Gaiden you should know which attacks to block, which attacks to dodge, and how to do super moves via absorbing essence. 

Enter the Gungeon demands you understand how to dodgeroll, and how to unlock more NPCs in the main area. 

Peh said:

I got Dark Souls very cheap on Steam and tried to get into it. I gave up on the goat boss since I got annoyed of backtracking all the way to him just to be killed in 5 secs.
Power to the developer to make the games they want, but at the same time I won't spend any money on the franchise.
I like the lore, the world design, but if I am not having fun, then I can't help it. I would welcome an easier mode. Enemies doing less damage is more than enough for me.

You have to kill his two dogs asap. And yeah, he will absolutely shred you if you don't. Even I summon two Sunbros for dealing with him and his hounds. 

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true. 


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I guess every game has some sort of obstacles you need to get through. Even if it's just reading through dialogue.
But something that results in a Game Over is different in that it makes you go through the same obstacle again. Which can lead to boredom or frustration.

If the developers don't want players to play the game a certain way (have it too easy) then I think that's fair.
Especially today where you can easily look up information about the game before you buy it, and decide if it sounds like it's something you'd enjoy. (RIP people that base their purchases on review scores.)

Nautilus said:

For example, when a game's standard control scheme is simply atrocious, or the button placements simply dont make sense to you, the game should have an option in-game for you to customize its layout, so it adapts to your preferred playstyle or physical conditions.

Speaking of, thanks Kingdom Hearts III for not having that.
Changing the button mapping from the PS4 settings doesn't help either, because the in-game prompts will still show the original button icon, and confuse me.

They want me to attack with X, dodge with Square, and jump with O. When almost every other game I've played would have Jump on X, Attack on Square and Dodge on O. So several hours in and I still accidentally attack when I want to jump.

Nothing wrong with being difficult, provided it's difficult for the right reasons, and not for factors such as glitches or poor hit detection (Countless license games have been plagued by that).

Difficult games are more life like. Playing a game on hardest mode is so intense and is an adrenaline rush.

eh, as far as I'm concerned games that are either too hard or too easy (don't know why you're not including that in the OP, since it's definitely an issue too) are just hallmarks of bad developers. If you either don't care enough, or simply aren't good enough, to make games that allow for people of a variety of play styles/skill levels to enjoy the game then you clearly aren't as good at making games as you think are.

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Yes we are still at the same point where Souls player really don't want the game to have easier option so they can keep to themselves "clearing the game".
And will fully ignore that what is considered difficult to his ability can be really tonned down to another person and would be about as difficult to that person as it is for you without tonning down.
I know that if I kept forcing myself in Nioh I would finish it, I cleared like 3 worlds of the game, but it is so boring, tedious and slow to evolve and do decent damage that I simply stopped playing. While God of War I liked the game so much that even dying much more than on Nioh (but keeping my items and evolution in a better way) I was able to platinum it on very hard, and Spider Man and RDR were easy enough to clear both on hardest dying just a couple times. Uncharted is a game where the hardest difficult are also enjoyable and they still offer very easy options that doesn't prevent me from enjoying all the other options.
But I can understand people that would play the easier options and then tarnish the game for it not being great.
Still the problem with Souls game is the monotonous and long battle with rolling all over, parrying, etc coupled with the stamina bar, I have zero enjoyment on that.

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