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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2019 - WIldcard round

.... HA ! This isn't difficult at all :( (I'll be serious with the names this time)

3p Veknoid
2p Darwin
1p ARandomGamer

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3p ARamdomGamer
2p Ryuu96
1p Moreno

3p Ryuu
2p ARamdomGamer
1p Quake

3p - JEMC
2p - vivster
1p - Veknoid_Outcast

I wassn't expecting a wild card round. Especially not one so damn hard to narrow down.

3p - The-pi-guy
2p - Zorg1000
1p - Sundin13

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3p - Quake
2p - Moren
1p - Ryuu

3p - Mnementh
2p - Veknoid_Outcast
1p - Darwinianevolution

3p Quake
2p Ramdom
1p Moren

3 ryuu
2 vek
1 mr no