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haxxiy said:

The one-shot strategy was a resounding success I might add. GG UK.

Yup, spells good news for all countries. 

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Severe Covid-19 cases over the age of 85 - 90 have dropped 50 - 70% since the beginning of vaccination in late January, according to multiple preliminary reports, here in Brazil. This would suggest a single dose of the Oxford/AZ or the Sinovac vaccines are proving to be effective in the most immunologically vulnerable age group, even in the face of the P1 variant, which is dominant in most states now.

These are absolute numbers of the entire age group (vaccinated or not), by the way; considering the prevalence of the disease has increased up to 40% among other age groups, the proportional reduction is more like 70 - 80%.



An interesting and very thorough article on "long Covid" and the problems both with studies and reporting by media outlets.






Weekly Update, Europe is not giving up, creating more cases :/

The world reported 2.94 million new cases last week (up from 2.68 million) bringing the total to 119,597,209 detected cases
Another 59,597 people lost their lives (down from 62,784) bringing the total casualties to 2,650,899

The USA is on the right track, Europe is increasing again. Both are still reducing the number of deaths.

The continents

Europe reported 1.10 million new cases (up from 954K) and 20,895 more deaths (down from 21,925)
South America reported 680K new cases (up from 583K) and 16,074 more deaths (up from 14,239)
Asia reported 594K new cases (up from 529K) and 5,660 more deaths (down from 6,010)
North America reported 491K new cases (down from 550K) and 14,933 more deaths (down from 18,502)
Africa reported 72.3K new cases (up from 67.7K) and 2,029 more deaths (slightly down from 2,103)
Oceania reported 676 new cases and 6 deaths

Corners of the world

Brazil reported 496K new cases (up from 414K) and 12,328 more deaths (up from 9,960)
USA reported 400K new cases (down from 457K) and 9,981 more deaths (down from 12,481)
India reported 142K new cases (up from 113K) and 790 deaths (723 last week)
Iran reported 58.1K new cases (slightly down from 58.3K) and 557 deaths (613 last week)
Canada reported 24.8K new cases (up from 16.9K) and 253 deaths (236 last week)
South Africa reported 7,894 new cases (down from 8,201) and 613 deaths (782 last week)
Japan reported 7,561 new cases (slightly up from 7,256) and 332 deaths (397 last week)
South Korea reported 3,048 new cases (up from 2,732) and 35 deaths (42 last week)
Australia reported 81 new cases (63 last week) no deaths

Europe in detail

Italy is somehow on top again. The rest is either stagnating or increasing.

Deaths are still declining at least. It's a race between vaccines and new variants popping up in this huge Petri dish of over 20 million active cases. Israel resumed its downward trend, the vaccines are working.

Things are getting spicy. Does Germany still have millions of unused AZ vaccines?

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It looks like the UK was counting on 10 million AZ doses from India that aren't coming next month, so that's potentially a greater issue than the EU vaccine ban. On the other hand, they are still on track to vaccinate all groups accounting for 99% of mortality (and 33% of the remaining population has had the disease) so eh, the most important work is done.

Also this is interesting, a test made with hamsters (which have a respiratory system very like ours) and the AZ vaccine vs. the British / South African variants:

The vaccinated hamsters had 100% protection against lung infection (notice the difference in tissue pathology score comparing the control group vs. the vaccinated one) despite a ~9.5 times decrease in neutralizing antibody activity against the South African variant. One of the vaccinated hamsters didn't even detectable antibodies against the SA variant beforehand. That's cellular immunity at work for you.

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Looks like my luck has ran out, and I have to get tested tomorrow.

Weekly update, 3rd wave is underway. For some the second, others the fourth, cases are up across the board.

In total 3.28 million new cases were reported last week (up from 2.94 million) bringing the total to 122,880,037
Another 61,962 people lost their lives (up from 59,597) brining the death toll to 2,712,861

Europe continues to climb, the USA also started to increase again. Deaths are still down in the USA, starting to go up in Europe.

The continents

Europe reported 1.24 million new cases (up from 1.10 million) and 21,189 more deaths (slightly up from 20,895)
Asia reported 733K new cases (up from 594K) and 6,256 more deaths (up from 5,660)
South America reported 718K new cases (up from 680K) and 19,537 more deaths (up from 16,074)
North America reported 519K new cases (up from 491K) and 12,699 more deaths (down from 14,933)
Africa reported 71.9K new cases (up from 72.2K) and 2,266 more deaths (up from 2,029)
Oceania reported 1,167 new cases (up from 676) and 15 deaths (6 last week)

Corners of the world

Brazil reported 509K new cases (up from 496K) and 15,249 more deaths (up from 12,328)
USA reported 432K new cases (up from 400K) and 8,560 more deaths (down from 9,981)
India reported 221K new cases (up from 142K) and 1,111 more deaths (up from 790)
Iran reported 54.7 new cases (down from 58.1K) and 580 deaths (557 last week)
Canada reported 23.8K new cases (slightly down from 24.8K) and 213 deaths (253 last week)
South Africa reported 8,550 new cases (up from 7,894) and 856 deaths (613 last week)
Japan reported 8,413 new cases (up from 7,561) and 307 deaths (332 last week)
South Korea reported 3,071 new cases (3,048 last week) and 28 deaths (35 last week)
Australia reported 79 new cases (81 last week) no deaths

India looks particularly concerning, rising sharply. Brazil is on top with the biggest increase in reported deaths as well.

Although Canada is down a bit over all, my province is now pulling all the weight :/ We've gone from 1000 cases a day to 1600 cases a day and our local county will be back in the red zone on Monday. (More restrictions) Vaccinations are underway and currently everyone 75 and older is up, yet meanwhile our county is already tracking 23 variants, it all came in anyway. (Border now closed for over a year and still remaining closed with apparently too many exceptions)

Europe in detail

Germany, Poland and the Ukraine are rising the fastest. Spain and France did not provide any numbers yesterday, the data for Europe is not complete this week.
All countries are up across the board except Italy reaching a the top of a new plateau while the UK is flattening out at the bottom of its curve.
Norway might have peaked as well, going down a day before the usual Friday peak.

It's been a good week! I got my $1,400 stimulus check on Wednesday and my first shot of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine on Friday. I'm only 38, but I'm what's considered to be an "essential worker" since I'm employed at a grocery store, so I think that helped move me up the list a bit for vaccination.

The toughest part about getting the shot for me was finding a parking space in the parking garage. After that, they had you go down a set of stairs into a conference center and walk through a long line, at the end of which was your shot. They kept the line moving pretty quickly, as they were staffed not only by their own personnel, but also by people at the fire department and police. You had to have a consent form of course because you had to show two stamps on it -- one red and one orange -- before getting into the room where the shots were administered. One staffer gave you the first stamp after making sure the top part of your form was filled out and another further down the line gave you the second stamp after confirming your ID and the rest of the form. That process kept the line moving.

Once you got into the actual conference room, the staffer who confirms your stamps assigned you a table and there's somebody there waiting to give you your shot. You just answered standard questions about your health and get your shot. Then they gave me a card with a date on which they would text me with info concerning my second dose (April 9th for me) and had you go to the other side of the conference room where a bunch of spaced chairs were set up. You sat in one of the chairs for a designated amount of time to make sure you didn't experience a reaction to the shot, then you left, putting a sticker the shot guy gave you with your allotted leave time (mine was 12 minutes after the point of injection) on the chair as you left so they'd know which chair to clean. And that was it. Smooth as glass. There were a lot of people there, so vaccinations appear to be picking up steam. I would note though that it looked like I was among the youngest people there, at 38.

The shot itself was nothing. It was quick and it hurt a lot less than even like my annual blood tests do. 30 minutes later though, my left started feeling pretty sore, and I mean beyond just the injection site itself. After an hour or so though, most of the soreness went away. I've had no side effects other than that, if you can even count that. The particular muscle where I had the shot is actually still sore now, almost two days later, which is unusual for me when it comes to shots. It kicks ass that way. The amount of soreness though is minor and only noticeable when I raise my left arm above my head or try to do push-ups or something.

As to the stimulus check, you don't know how helpful it is for someone in my financial position to have that. After last month's power grid failure here in Texas, I, along with tons of other people, got slapped with an unusually high electric bill right afterward (because capitalism), which was devastating for me because I make so little money to begin with. I would've been in serious financial trouble without help of some kind. Now I can not only make my bills for this month easily, but furthermore I was finally able to order a PlayStation 5 in addition!

The U.S. appears to currently have the fourth or fifth-highest COVID vaccination rate on Earth, with about 24% of the population having received at least one vaccine dose as of yesterday. It's an absolute sea change from the first month after the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were given emergency authorization when the virus itself was generally spreading faster than the pace of shots. One tries to avoid inserting too much in the way of politics into this thread, but it just seems like having a different administration has made a tremendous difference.

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Just scheduled an appointment to finally get my first shot of the Moderna vaccine this Tuesday. Which means my second shot would have to take place around April 27th.

I still plan on wearing a mask though. All the vaccine does is make sure that YOU can't get it. That still doesn't mean you can't carry it and spread it to others who still haven't gotten it.