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twelfth update (124 completed games):

Games I've finished in 2020:

  • The Banner Saga (Game Pass)
  • The Banner Saga 2 (Game Pass / GwG)
  • Rage 2 (Game Pass)
  • Battlefield V (EA Access)
  • Batman: The Telltale Series (GwG)
  • Sea of Solitude (EA Access)
  • FIFA 20 (EA Access)
  • Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip (Free Play Days)
  • DYING: Reborn
  • Your Toy
  • Wandersong (Game Pass)
  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn
  • Crimson Dragon (Game Pass)
  • FoxyLand
  • Project Starship
  • Gravity Duck
  • Reed Remastered
  • Call of Cthulhu (GwG)
  • Subnautica (Game Pass)
  • Indivisible (Game Pass)
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (Game Pass)
  • Haimrik
  • Miles & Kilo
  • Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series (GwG)
  • Captain Cat
  • Mekabolt
  • Tanky Tanks
  • Far Cry 5
  • Far Cry New Dawn
  • Vampyr (Game Pass)
  • Aborigenus
  • Black The Fall
  • Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition
  • Quiplash
  • Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (GwG)
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence (Game Pass)
  • Guts and Glory
  • Surviving Mars (Game Pass)
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition (Game Pass)
  • Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
  • Toybox Turbos (Xbox 360) (GwG)
  • Aery
  • Super Box Land Demake
  • FoxyLand 2
  • Sigi - A Fart for Melusina
  • Black Mirror
  • Attack of the Toy Tanks
  • Blind Men
  • SiNKR
  • Null Drifter
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Game Pass)
  • My Memory of Us
  • Just Ignore Them
  • UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure
  • Pikuniku (Game Pass)
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Game Pass)
  • Don't Knock Twice
  • SubaraCity
  • Doom (2016) (Game Pass)
  • Pankapu
  • Stretch Arcade
  • Ellen - The Game
  • Mafia III
  • Where the Bees Make Honey
  • Transference
  • Caretaker
  • 2urvive
  • Shadow Warrior (GwG)
  • Kingdom Hearts: 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- (GamePass)
  • The Sims 4 (EA Access)
  • PixARK
  • Bucket Knight
  • Minecraft Dungeons (Game Pass)
  • Mass Effect Andromeda (EA Access)
  • Stick it to the Man
  • Halo 4 (as part of Halo MCC) (Game Pass)
  • Timespinner (Game Pass)
  • Mecho Tales
  • Animal Super Squad
  • Moving Out
  • Grass Cutter
  • The Touryst (Game Pass)
  • Doom 64
  • The LEGO Movie Videogame
  • Devil May Cry 5 (Game Pass)
  • Dirt Showdown (Xbox 360) (GwG)
  • Sunset Overdrive (GwG)
  • New Super Lucky's Tale (Game Pass)
  • EA Sports UFC 4 (EA Play)
  • Injustice 2
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered
  • Minesweeper Genius
  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill (Game Pass)
  • Castle of no Escape
  • Rise of Insanity
  • Gun Crazy
  • Don't Starve: Giant Edition (Game Pass)
  • Feather
  • Bird Game +
  • Chop is Dish
  • Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior
  • Iro Hero
  • Norman's Great Illusion
  • A Winter's Daydream
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
  • Castle Pals
  • Tell Me Why (Game Pass)
  • Birthday of Midnight
  • HardCube
  • Deep Space Rush
  • Hitman (GwG)
  • Carrion (Game Pass)
  • Journey to the Savage Planet (Game Pass)
  • Golf Zero
  • Castle of No Escape 2
  • Yakuza 0 (Game Pass)
  • ReactorX
  • Zeroptian Invasion
  • 112th Seed

Currently working on:

  • A Hat in Time

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Game finished:

Batman Arkham Knight (Ps4)                    Death Stranding (ps4)                                          Days Gone (ps4, my GOTY)                                  Shadow of Mordor ( ps4)

Working on:

Shadow of War (ps4)       

 Future Games :

TLOU2 (ps5)                                                            Ghost of Tsushima (ps5)                                      Assassins creed Valhalla (Ps5)

No love for my switch this year :( nothing has released, no back catologue that interests me.

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Sadly, due to mandatory military service, I haven't had the time to play and finish games like I used to. Hope I get to be more "productive" in 2021.


The Last οf Us Part II

Call οf Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Call of Duty: WWII

Vanquish Remastered

Yakuza 3 Remastered

Yakuza 4 Remastered

Currently Playing:

Zelda: Breath of The Wild

Days Gone

Yakuza 5 Remastered

Plan to finish:

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yakuza 6


Call of Cthulhu

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derpysquirtle64 said:

Thanks for continuing with such thread in 2020. I've been waiting for this. I will edit this post once I complete some games and reply to it with new additions just like I did in the past.

2020 completions:

  • Bright Memory (PC)
  • Soldier Of Fortune (PC)
  • Hellblade: Senua' Sacrifice (Xbox One) - 1000G
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) (Xbox 360) - 1000G
  • Doom (1993) (Switch)
  • Nier (Xbox 360) - 1000G
  • Drakengard 3 - Ending A (RPCS3)
  • Ori And The Blind Forest DE (Xbox One)
  • Road Rash 3 (OpenEmu)
  • Doom Eternal (Xbox One)
  • Persona 5 Royal (PS4) - Platinum Trophy
  • Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight (PS4) - Platinum
  • Chrono Trigger (Wii VC)
  • Wild Guns (Switch SNES NSO)
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega Mix (Switch) - all tracks cleared on Normal
  • Doom 64 (Xbox One) - Main Campaign, Lost Levels, 1000G
  • Serious Sam Revolution: Bright Island (PC)
  • Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Xbox One)
  • The Revenge of Shinobi (Xbox One)
  • Sisters Royale (Xbox One)
  • Halo CE (Xbox One)
  • Halo 2 (Xbox One)
  • Halo 3 (Xbox One)
  • Halo: Reach (Xbox One)
  • Touhou Luna Nights (Xbox One)
  • The Last Campfire (Xbox One) - 1000G
  • New Super Lucky's Tale (Xbox One)
  • Serious Sam 4 (PC)
  • Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut (Xbox One)
  • Katana Zero (Xbox One)
  • Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Part One (Xbox One)

2019 list:

2018 list:

+ Bright Memory (Xbox Series X)


I keep forgetting to update my list xD

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Signalstar said:

Just Finished: The Last Guardian (PS4)

The framerate struggles quite a bit. No wonder the game could not be completed on the PS3. The controls and camera are wonky as well. Trico is adorable of course. The environments, architecture and level design are wonderfully detailed but disappointingly empty. Never have I craved collectibles so badly in a game, something akin to the treasures in Uncharted would have been welcome. The protagonist is also adorable and brave. I'm glad the game was made and kudos to Sony for not canceling it but I think the game could have used more polish and refinement to make the game more player-friendly. It's rare to see a game where the only objective is to get from point A to point B with little in the way in combat. The environmental puzzles can seem obtuse. The enemies are annoying and not enjoyable to deal with. The story is sparse. I did feel a real bond with Trico but you do not get much in the way of plot development or lore. So long Team Ico. Thanks for the memories.


I agree with most of this. I'm surprised you didn't mention how fucking annoying Trico can be to command and get to do things at times. Sometimes, yes, it's a display of his unpredictability and natural stubbornness, which is what people eager to defend the game from criticism claim, but just as often I think it's simply a case of... how shall I put it? Less than great AI.

I don't rate the game as highly as having it as my avatar might suggest. I do love Trico and the boy; their growing relationship and general adorableness. It conveys that sense of growing affection one develops for, say, a pet (if you're an animal lover) and how they come to be part of your family, and that when they're in pain or dying you too feel great pain and hopelessness, and when they're under attack you leap to their defence. I don't think I've ever cried playing a game before or since.

Regarding your comment on my wall - this was my avatar long before the game released, and I didn't even play it until several years after it released anyway, so it shouldn't be taken as an indication of huge love for the title. It is on my best games of all time list, but only 36th, well behind say Shadow of the Colossus in 3rd. I've simply never managed to find an image for Shadow of the Colossus that I'd prefer as my avatar, and I've had this one for so long that it is essentially 'me' on the site, so that's why I haven't changed it (except in a handful of brief one-off cases).

Machina said:

It is on my best games of all time list, but only 36th, well behind say Shadow of the Colossus in 3rd.

Dude, spoilers!

mZuzek said:
Machina said:

It is on my best games of all time list, but only 36th, well behind say Shadow of the Colossus in 3rd.

Dude, spoilers!

My list is pretty much unchanged since last year xD

Just some slight tweaking.

I just finished Half Life Alyx and I feel exhausted and exhilarated. I really just can't believe I played what I just did. I feel like a kid again just having his mind blown. This hasn't happened in so long.

  • Nier: Automata (PS4) (9.5/10) One of the best stories I've ever experienced in video games with wonderfully written characters, combined with a huge amount of gameplay variety and a fun and fast-paced combat system, which had been the weak point in Yoko Taro's earlier works. Easily going to make my top 50 games of all time list this year.
  • GRIS (PC) (8/10) An absolutely gorgeous 2D platformer, easily one of the best looking games I've ever played, with a beautiful soundtrack layered on top of it all. The actual gameplay is quite simple, but solid, and there are some very satisfying moments of platforming in the game, even if none of it is all that challenging. It is a very short game, but every moment I spent with GRIS was thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (PS4) (8/10) A solid open world game made better by the nemesis system that did the same for Shadow of Mordor. The gameplay is fun, the world has a lot of nice variety to it, and although the story is kinda silly in the context of the books, but as a kind of non-canon side thing it's fine enough. Gets a bit grindy at the end, which soured me a little towards it, but it wasn't too bad. If the epilogue had been like in the original release before the balance changes and the removal of lootboxes I probably would have not been nearly as kind towards the game, but as it stands now I do recommend Shadow of War. 
  • Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4) (8.5/10) A charming and gorgeous and a sequel to one of my favourite games from the previous console generation. I'm not sure if I would rank it higher than the first game, though. The gameplay is vastly improved compared to the first one, with the battle system, side quests and the other side stuff available for you to do just being much more interesting and varied in comparison. The story and character are also very good, but I might still prefer the first game's cast and story to this one. Still a very good game, and well worth the time I put into it.
  • The Banner Saga 2 (PC) (8/10) The Banner Saga-games (at least the first two) aren't necessarily groundbreaking tactical RPGs in any way, at least as far as gameplay is concerned. Every element of the gameplay can be found in other games in one form or another, but these are still very well put together games with a battle system that has plenty of tactical depth to it. The nordic mythology-inspired story is very well written and the characters are interesting as well. Still, perhaps the most impressive aspect of these games is the visual style. The backgrounds and characters look absolutely gorgeous, and the animated sequences always look great as well, though I wish there were more of them. Overall, Banner Saga 2 is a good game that I enjoyed playing through, just one that doesn't really bring anything new to the genre.
  • A Short Hike (PC) (7.5/10) A charming little game that I finished on a single sitting. It's unlikely that I'll ever go back to the game, but the short story it tells is quite lovely, and the relaxing, low-stakes gameplay is perfect for unwinding in-between other more demanding games. If you're looking for a game to just take your mind off things and just relax for a few hours, this is a very good option for that.
  • Nioh (PS4) (8/10) A very good Dark Souls-inspired games, that doesn't quite reach the same heights as FromSoftware's titles. I enjoyed the gameplay for the most part, the story was fine, if somewhat disjointed, and William is a good main character. The locations aren't as interesting as those found in Dark Souls for example, and the world as a whole also feels like a collection of disconnected places that don't feel like part of the same world very often. Still, despite my issues, I very much enjoyed the game overall, but unlike Dark Souls or Bloodborne I'll likely never replay it.
  • Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (PS4) (8.5/10) Played through the game in co-op, and as of right now it might be my favourite in the entire series. I'll have to go through it alone at some point to come to a conclusion, but even with the co-op playthrough Trine 4 is a very good game. The puzzles are better and more varied than in previous games, the gameplay much more fluid and intuitive, and while the story has never really been that important in the series outside of setting up a fairytale-like tone, it's fun and charming as well. Just an overall enjoyable game to play, and a great co-op title as well.
  • My Time At Portia (PC) (8.5/10) This was a really fun and relaxing game, that in a lot of ways reminds me of Harvest Moon, except instead of building a farm you do so with a crafting workshop. I put almost 130 hours into this game, and I finished the main storyline and most of the sidequests in that time, and I enjoyed pretty much all of it. There's just so much stuff you can do here, besides crafting new machines and items there's farming, relationship building, dungeons to explore, ruins where you can mine for ore and relics, and so much more. 
  • Deponia (PC) (7.5/10) Every once in a while I get in the mood to play some traditional point-and-click adventure games, and I'd had Deponia (and two sequels to it) on my Steam library for ages, so this was a good time to get around to playing it. Visually it's a very good looking game, and the setting is interesting and unique. The story and characters were pretty good too, though it does show that this was essentially just the first chapter in the story, so a lot of stuff was left unfinished. The main character can be somewhat annoying at times, especially early on in the game, but that also gives him some clear room for growth and development, which is nice. I guess the best thing I can say is that after finishing Deponia I'm still looking forward to playing the rest of the series.
  • Wild Arms 3 (PS4) (8/10) It had been a while since I'd played a proper old-school JRPG that I hadn't previously experienced, and since I had bought Wild Arms 3 a while back on a sale I thought I'd give it a shot. Overall, I really enjoyed it. The music is great, I really like the world these games take place in, the characters are well written and interesting, and the gameplay has enough unique elements to separate it from the pack. The story is fairly standard JRPG fare, but the main issue I had with the game is the fact that it just doesn't really explain a lot of its mechanics to the player very well. Several times over the course of the game I had to go and find out what certain things actually meant from guides or forum posts, because I couldn't find the information within the game itself. Still, this is a good game well worth playing though, especially if you're a fan of the genre.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) (9.5/10) I genuinely loved this game, and it could very well end up as my GotY at the end of the year. I thought the battle system is excellent, with a genuinely well designed take on the classic ATB system at its core, the expanded story and characters were great, and visually this is one of the best looking games of the year. I'm also very curious to see where they take this story going forward considering how the game ended. The sidequests were the one aspect I would have liked to have been more interesting, but at least the gameplay made them enjoyable enough. A great game, without question. I won't compare it to the original until the whole story has been told, but this is definitely a good way to get things started with the remake.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4) (9.5/10) I finally got around to playing and finishing Trails of Cold Steel III after having it sitting on my shelf since last Christmas, and it was just as great as I expected after the previous two games. This is now the fifth game in the series that I've played, and they've made the series one of my absolute favourite video game franchises of all time, behind only Final Fantasy and Dark Souls. The story and characters are among the best I've ever seen in video games, the gameplay is a lot of fun, and the music very good as well. Now I just need to wait for Trails of Cold Steel IV
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (PS4) (8/10) After several huge RPGs I really needed to play something much smaller for a change, and since I had the Nathan Drake Collection downloaded on my PS4 I though I'd replay the whole series through for the first time in several years. The first game in the series is still the weakest of lot, but the remastering has improved the gameplay noticeably, which was always the biggest issue in the game. Drake's Fortune also always had problems with its pacing, especially in the latter half, and that's still the case here. Overall, this feels like a game that already has all the right elements in place, they just aren't quite polished enough or don't come together as well as they should yet. Fortunately, this would change for the better in the sequels. Still a very good game, but not as good as the follow-ups.
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered (PS4) (9/10) Basically just a better version of the first game, with improved balance between puzzles, exploration and combat, great set-pieces, and just an overall excellent presentation. 
  • The Messenger (PC) (8.5/10) A clever retro-style game that starts as a straightforward action-platformer in the style of old-school Ninja Gaiden that turns into a Metroidvania a few hours in. The time-travel mechanic is really clever and well-designed, and the art style shifting between 8- 16-bit graphics depending on which time period you're in is a wonderful touch. 
  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS4) (8.5/10) Basically Uncharted 2, just not quite as well-thought out in terms of story and pacing. Still a great game, but some of it feels like Naughty Dog just trying to come up with ways to upstage the previous game's setpieces rather than logically leading Drake to those situations in service of the story. 
  • Doom (2016) (PS4) (8.5/10) Finally got around to playing Doom 2016, and I'm very glad I did, as it ended as one of the three best FPS games of this console generation alongside Titanfall 2 and Wolfenstein: New Order. This is how you stand out in the FPS genre, by taking things back to basics and just being faster and more straightforward than pretty much any other mainstream FPS around these days.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) (9/10) It's a weird feeling when I finish a game and think it's both great and overrated at the same time. I finally got around to playing Breath of the Wild after getting a Switch and the game for christmas last year, and overall it's an excellent game. The world is gorgeous and filled with interesting places to visit, the gameplay mostly really fun, the story is good for Zelda-standards, the sense of adventure and discovery is impeccable, and yet it's just not quite as exceptional as it's been made out to be. For everything the game does right there is always a minor source of annoyance or frustration that put a damper on the adventure from time to time, and that keeps it from being the masterpiece a lot of others consider it to be in my mind. Still an excellent game, regardless.
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) (9.0/10) Overall, I'd probably call this the best game in the series. The gameplay is the more polished and varied than before, the story serves as a wonderful final chapter to Drake's tale, and the different locations you get to visit in the game are all memorable and gorgeous. The only thing it's missing is that one mind-blowing setpiece akin to the train level in UC2, but otherwise it's a wonderful game.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4) (8.5/10) A great Metroidvania with a cool setting, fun gameplay, great music, and a lot of secrets and easter eggs to find. About as close to Castlevania you can get without being called that. The only real negative for me was the lack of any clear guidance at certain points in the game. There were more than a few times were I had no idea where I was supposed to go next, and had to just run around the world before I happened upon the right place.  
  • Final Fantasy IX (PS4) (10/10) Still my favourite game of all time. It had been quite a few years since I last played it, and the digital version on PS4 gave me a nice excuse to go back to it once more. The only real issues I had with it were related to the port, and not the game itself. Things like less smooth menus than in the original, minor audio issues and other small things that had for some reason been made worse in the remaster. Besides that, FFIX is without question a masterpiece, and my personal best game of all time. I guess the game could have one or two more challenging superbosses, but that's just nitpicking.
  • God of War (PS4) (9/10) If I had managed to finish God of War a little earlier it would have been in top 50 games of all time this year. Obviously the visuals are absolutely gorgeous, the music is great, and the gameplay is extremely satisfying and fun. However, the real star is the story, and especially the character development that happens throughout the game. It's genuinely amazing that Santa Monica have managed to somehow make Kratos of all characters actually relatable, and do it in a way that doesn't feel disjointed or at odds with how he was portrayed in the previous games. The rest of the cast is equally excellent and written wonderfully.

Currently Playing:

  • The Witcher (PC) Slowly making progress on-and-off. About halfway through at the moment I think, maybe a little more.
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PS3)
  • Dark Souls Remastered (PS4)
  • Chaos in Deponia (PC)