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Forums - General Discussion - T'is the SEASON! Christmas Avi Request Thread

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Hello boys and girls! It's that time of the year and what greater way to celebrate than spreading a little Christmas cheer with a Christmassy avatar? I take requests for those who want their avatar to be more festive. 

Your options are: A santa hat. Maybe a christmas tree. Depends on how annoying your avi is.


Also, I use the inspector to grab your avi and work on it, so no worries. I will deliver the work via an imgur link in your PM box.

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VersusEvil said:

..or you

Well requested i see

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I don't think mine can be made festive since it is so zoomed in, but I would appreciate if you can work magic into it.

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Thanks for reminding me to update mine.

Going to be using a pic of my cat but thank you for doing this for those in need of a good hat

Already changed to a new one that is Christmas themed.

Well, I still use the one miz did a few years ago, but I wouldn't mind having some more decoration in the upper left corner...

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