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Forums - Sales Discussion - Switch estimated to have sold over 50,000 units at launch in China


Switch has finally debuted in China, and it seems to be off to a decent start. Niko Partners estimates that the system sold over 50,000 units on release date., an online retailer, said Switch sold through more than 20,000 units via its website. 47 percent of buyers were aged between 16-25. TMall also sold through 10,000 units by 10 AM and saw 75 percent of its buyers under the age of 30.

Niko Partners believes that Switch sales will increase to 100,000 units by the end of 2019. It could surpass the PS4 as China’s leading console by 2022 when accounting for both legal and grey market sales.

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I think you meant China instead of Japan in your first sentence.

Anyway, that is expected. China I feel is a bit weird as it is in my eyes not a viable market for dedicated gaming hardware. However, there are a few exceptions.

Fixed :)


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I wonder, if China ever goes to full on capitalism (they love the benefits of Hong Kong after all, which is the one area of capitalism in the country), what the gaming industry will be like there. No more stolen IP and technology being made by shady companies only getting away with it because China doesn't care about the rest of the world's IP. No more limited hours and money spent on gaming. Just capitalistic freedom. I'd be really curious what the numbers would be like then.

Then again, I'd probably be more focused on celebrating the freedom those people would finally have rather than looking at gaming numbers lol.

How much has the PS4 sold in china?

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Yeah, but how many units did the Jintendo Swotch sell?

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vivster said:
Yeah, but how many units did the Jintendo Swotch sell?


One thing to note is that Switch is currently region locked in China. Nintendo, partnered with Tencent, made a special model/firmware, which players cannot log in to a Nintendo account of other regions. While cartridges of other regions can be used, DLCs and Eshop games released in other regions cannot be bought, and online features cannot be used. Worsening the situation, there is only 1 Switch game released in China currently.
On the other hand, PS4 is region free in China.
If Switch stays region locked in China, I cannot really see it pass PS4 there.

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I was curious because the op said it has a chance to pass the PS4 but with that draconian region lock it will be very unappealing.

Chicho said:

How much has the PS4 sold in china?


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