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John2290 said:
thismeintiel said:

They're not, though.  It's a similar Dpad that is on all the DS controllers.  It is just one piece of plastic, but goes underneath the controller face in the center.  The DS controllers have one of the best Dpads ever.

As long as there is space on inbetween yhe buttons where the controller face parts them I'm good but I can't see any seperation in that photo. 

Oh. I think you are looking at the DS4 prototype pic.  The first pic is the one with the DS5.  You can see a separation on them, especially if you zoom in on it.

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That 3rd word on line 2 looks like "Master." I'm not yet sure what the other 3 words are...still working on them.

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John2290 said:
thismeintiel said:
I think I got it. At least to me, it looks like it reads, Reboot Games Studio: Develop (short for Development Kit.) They are a studio that specializes in taking outsourced work for indie and AAA games. Seems like a company that might not care about leaking some info.

I accidentally clicked on your sig and went to PSN profiles, holy hell dude, you buy an hell of a lotta games not to play them. What are you foing man, quit your job ASAP and get to completing those games. Re2 in two or three weekend nights easy, at least start there. 

Lol.  To be fair, I just bought RE2 a few of days ago.  Used my Sony Reward points to get $30 on PSN.  But, yea, I have a problem with sticking with one game.  Kinda have ADD when it comes to them.  Love buying them when they are on sale, though.  Makes it a little harder having a family, too.  Infamous games are ones I always platinum.  I did so with Spider-Man, too.  The first two Bioshocks in the HD Collection. 

deskpro2k3 said:

OP, Please fix this by add some explanation, or delete this, It confused peoples,  This pic from 2013 , it's a PS4 DS4 prototype controller. 

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Oh, I see it now to the side of the dev kit. Nice, it looks like a more rounded DS4 with taller analouge sticks and tighter button placment and face buttons. If we the travk pad is the same size a the ds4 this controller should feel slightly smaller in the the finger and thumb area while also feeling beefier in the palm. I'm intrigued but a little concerned about the tall sticks.


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Looks basically like the DS4.

So, maybe they're using DS4 controllers cuz Sony hasn't finished developing prototype DS5 and devs are forced to use OG stuff.


They really are DS5 prototypes that exactly looks like DS4.

Big turn off if it's the later. I don't like the feeling of the DS4 in my hands.

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Isn't this just the leaked PS4 prototype? I'm pretty sure this is old. You can see it here

Your second photo is a PS4 dev kit and a proto type DS4.

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As for the first pic and the DS5 (the second pic is a DS4 proto and a PS4 dev kit) here is the patent for the DS5 and a rendered mockup of the DS5.

DS5 is mostly the same in appearance but adds a mic. Is thicker. Triggers are supposed to have some tension tech to feel like pulling back the string of a bow and such. SO some sort of haptic feedback I guess.

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