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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Did You Watch XO19?


Did You Watch XO19?

Yes, and it was great 126 15.38%
Yes, but it was disappointing 111 13.55%
No, but I caught up on announcements after 146 17.83%
No, wasn't interested 407 49.69%
Other 29 3.54%

This week's front page poll. XO19 gave birth to a lot of news stories over the last couple of days, but did you watch it?

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Yes sir I did. It was okay. Gave it a 7/10. Sure there was a lot of talking but I am pretty much sold on Game Pass plus I loved the Reach news, AoE and Rares IP looks good to me. Overal satisfied.

Yeah it was Great im really excited for Age of Empires 4 and Grounded.

I did not, but I never watch any of these things, whether it's from PS, Xbox, or Nintendo, and as usual, got the cliff notes version after the fact.

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If you’re interested in gamepass it was great. If you’re interested in titles that make the Xbox stand out as a platform, it bombed.

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I didn't see anything Microsoft since E3 2011 - though, to be fair, even the Sony stuff, I watch only the major events.

Didn't watch it live. Caught it after.

I usually don't have patience to watch gaming events. I just watch what's important later.

Nope, no interest in the brand.

Yes, and it was ok. Good for gamepass owners that are interested in Final Fantasy and Yakuza.