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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ni No Kuni Remaster: Launch Trailer

Ni No Kuni 1 appears as JRPG-Remaster. On PS4: 1080p and 60 fps. On PS4 Pro: 4K

for the "switch" appears only a normal/simple PS3-Port without better graphics/fps (no remaster!)

Release: This Friday. And Ni No Kuni 2 (with completely new story/characters) is still exclusive/available on PS4. i saw it yesterday for only 20 euro :D

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this is the Cover:

Great game and well worth getting if you haven't had the chance to play it before.

Awesome game. Im a bit bummed down that this remaster its only and exclusively a graphic enhancement and adds no bonus content. Doesnt feel like its worth buying having played the ps3 version, that still looks great.
Still, awesome game if you haven't played it before.

I plan on picking up the Switch version, playing on the go seems worth it.

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Definite Switch-purchase

Unless something change with the aid of a patch for the Switch version, I'd try to hold my purchase if I were you guys. The game is running weirdly and there's a lot of bugs in there for some reason ...

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Having the game portable is the best way it could have been remastered TBH.

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Darashiva said:
Great game and well worth getting if you haven't had the chance to play it before.

so true :) think so too.

I wanted to pick it up on the PS4 but there's no way I'm paying 50 euro for it. Already played it on the ps3. Could also get it on the switch, but It would feel weird to me having already played the series to date on ps.