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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ni No Kuni Remaster: Launch Trailer

Loved the Setting, i just couldn't get over the battle system. :-/

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Just watching the trailer gave me chills.... okay guess Im in.

Bought the Switch-version. Portability>pixels on the screen

Jpcc86 said:
Awesome game. Im a bit bummed down that this remaster its only and exclusively a graphic enhancement and adds no bonus content. Doesnt feel like its worth buying having played the ps3 version, that still looks great.
Still, awesome game if you haven't played it before.

Are you sure? I thought I read they updated the battle system?

It's also on PC, as well as the second game:

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cant wait to watch the amazing cutscenes made by the best japanee animation studio and the amazing cell shaded graphics on my LCD 6.2 inches screen in my portable and superior switch version of the game.


Bought the PS4 version.
4K TV and PS4 Pro > Portability and 720p