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Forums - Sales Discussion - Grab Bag of Weekly Game Sales from a Big Box Retailer (US)

For the week ending October 5...

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint (week 1): 1600 PS4, 1200 XB

Link's Awakening (week 3): 8500

Astral Chain (week 6): 300

Ganoncrotch said:
some cool snooping work you're doing there, keep it up please!

Thanks! Happen to have any requests for next week? Other than new releases; I'll always try to catch those.

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Link's Awakening seems really high compared to the other week 1 games you provided data.
Looking good for it.
Also, thank you for the numbers.
Be sure to bring us TLoU2 week 1 numbers if you are still at it by that time next year.
Now waiting for Pokemon numbers.

Wow, Link's Awakening is selling far more than anything else. I think the next closest is NSMB U and Link's Awakening is blowing it away. Poor DQXI is getting overshadowed by the biggest release of the year so far (again).

I suspect retailers love Switch games way more than other systems' games.
I couldn't get sales for the week ending 10-12, but I did get them for the most recent week. Get ready, since I checked a lot of games (SKUs are combined).
Ring Fit Adventure (week 1): 3800, Link's Awakening (week 5): 3800 Astral Chain (week 8): 200, Ghost Recon Breakpoint (XB) (week 3?): 600, Breakpoint (PS): 700, Splatoon 2: 500, Octo Expansion Download Card: 50, Breath of the Wild: 2200, Mario Odyssey: 1000, Smash Ultimate: 3000, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 4000, Halo 5: 150, Gears 5: 500, Uncharted 4: 100, God of War (2018): 300, Arms: 100, Dragon Quest XI S: 500, DQ11 PS: 20

Can Modern Warfare (reboot) dethrone Link's Awakening (remake)?
PS4: 27,400; PS4 Pro bundle: 400; XB1: 18,900 vs 30K+ for LA
SKU vs SKU...nope. But it's gotta be selling tons of digital copies.

Outer Worlds (week 1): 4500 PS4, 1600 XB1
Link's Awakening (week 6): 2900
Astral Chain (week 9): 200
Mario Maker 2 (week 18): 1800
Fire Emblem Three Houses (week 14): 400
Yoshi's Crafted World (week 31): 500
MK8D: 3400
Smash Ult: 2600

and last but not least...
Ring Fit Adventure (week 2): 7500 (it went up!)

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This is really cool and greatly appreciated! Hope you can keep it coming!

I'm confused. Are these the overall sales for the store, or for a certain geographic region?

JWeinCom said:
I'm confused. Are these the overall sales for the store, or for a certain geographic region?

These are nationwide sales numbers for one retailer all over the US. Not much presence in any other country as far as I know. I am unsure if it includes games shipped directly to people's homes.

Couldn't check much this week (my supervisor and I had lunch at the same time).

Luigi's Mansion 3 (week 1): ~43,000

Week ending 11-9:
Luigi's Mansion 3 (week 2): 24,400
Death Stranding (week 1): 6900
Ring Fit Adventure (week 4): 4000