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Forums - Website Topics - [STAFF ANNOUNCEMENT] Mod Team Update Summer 2019 (1/2)

Hello everyone! So, throughout the past few months, we've had some changes to the mod team that we'd like to make you aware of. 

First, I'd like to thank Raven for his services to the team. Although he has decided to move on to other things, I will always appreciate what he taught me, in addition to, his tendency to just want to get things done. We wish him well in his future endeavors and will lean on him from time-to-time as a continued advisor to the mods.

Next, Ryuu96 will be stepping down to Normal Mod for the foreseeable future. With a bit more limited time, he felt it best to head that way. We are excited to keep him around however and look forward to what comes next for him on the mod team.

And, last but certainly not least, I'd like to introduce you to your new Moderator:


Let's all congratulate and welcome Madword to his promotion as moderator. We felt that he would be a good fit in the position, so give him a nice welcome!

And that's it for now. We look forward to continuing to serve you and give back to the community we all love! 

On behalf of The Mod Team!

CGI-Quality - Head Moderator



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Welcome to the team @Madword looking forward to working with you, and I hope you enjoy your time with us! *Passes a hammer*, now get out there and start swinging! 

As for @Raven leaving, I didn't get to say goodbye since, well, I wasn't on when you left. But you were always one of the cool mods, I respected your decisions and thought process of basically taking no shit. When I first joined the team you were one of the cool mods that I looked up to, and I'd like to think some of my moderation decisions etc. are based on the things I learned from working with you. Enjoy retirement, you deserve it!

Welcome to the team! *goes back into exile*

Thanks for your service Raven. Congratulation to Madworld. Hiii Ryuu!

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No Rol, everything is fine.

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BraLoD said:
No Rol, everything is fine.

Maybe next time ;P

Congrats to MADWORD.

Oh happy day oh happy day

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Congrats, Madworld! Welcome to the team! I am sure you will do just dandy.

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