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Nintendo of Europe just tweeted about the Nintendo Switch Game Trials which is basically like Xbox Game Pass where you can try a full game for a limited time but in this case, just for a week. Any progress you make in the game through Game Trials will carry over when you buy the game. You only need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play the games.

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The Game Trials will start on the 7th to the 13th of August(for EU and NA) and 5th to the 11th of August(for Japan) and only one game per region has been announced so far.

- For Europe and North America, you get Mario Tennis Aces and throughout the week you can purchase the game with 30% off for NA(until the 20th) and 33% off for EU.

- For Japan, you get Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, no mention of any discount for the game. Source: TheGamer

This looks to be a great way of letting people try and decide if the game is worth buying, hopefully they add at least two games every month.


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just bought MM2 with 12months online. cool me and my son will have a blast :D

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Full game for a week and possibly a discount (depending on game/region). That's a pretty decent new program and should hep them up their digital download rate.

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