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Doesn’t know I’ve only tried fighting one Gleeok and after not doing much damage and receiving a ton I ran the other way and never looked back.

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Accurately described my first encounter with a Gleeok which just happened a few minutes ago

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Should know that I beat a thunder gleeock in the arena when I had only 5 hearts.

Beat a Gleeok with the same amount of hearts as I currently have (the only Gleeok I came across was a fire one and I couldn't even be near it without taking damage so that was pretty much an instant forfeit)

I make music, check it out here on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube!

Would appreciate advice on how to kill a Frost Gleeock when it flies out of reach of Link's arrow, as would I.

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Should know that I only beat a thunder gleeock that creates up-drafts that I could fly up to it with, whereas the others don't seem to be doing that.

Gave helpful advice regarding how different variants of the monster behave.

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