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Reminds me of my first time playing Animal Crossing on the GameCube and getting letters in the mail from my girlfriend who was playing in the same town

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Hopefully ended up in a happy marriage.

Doesn’t know that I’ve never viewed getting married or having children as important aspirations

Feels the opposite of how I feel about those aspirations.

Wants to get married and have children. (Good luck.)

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Might not know I'm not dating because I'm afraid of getting my heart broken again.

Will consider dating once he’s done healing, but shouldn’t be afraid of getting hurt again. It will certainly happen, but so will joy.

Should know I follow someone on Facebook who likes geeky stuff like I do and seems very nice, just to see if there's a spark between us, but unfortunately for me she might be a lesbian, so obviously that would mean she's not into men.

Probably knows that following someone on Facebook likely won’t result in romance, much less true friendship.

Doesn't know about how much harder it was for me to meet women in public. -_-