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Forums - Website Topics - New Staff Writers Wanted [Applications Now Closed]

Hmm, might actually consider slipping in an application for this. I mean, I highly doubt I'd be doing up-to-date reviews since I'm constantly behind with releases (Although there's the odd game here and there that I buy and play day one, lol), but I've had an idea for a series for a while now, and I wouldn't mind writing the odd feature piece when something pops into my head.

Question(s) about the review samples since I don't actually have any written up (I'd probably do it over the weekend or most likely on Mon-Tues), how would you like them to come? Written straight into the application or as attachments? Also I'm assuming we can write about anything for these?

Edit: Decided not to apply, not sure I'd have the time to commit to it properly.

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Quick question - what if I really like writing about games but I'm also poor? As in, there is no way I can afford getting new releases?

Edit: I see that you can write reviews for older games. How likely would it be for a writer to get his hands on a review copy for an up-coming release, though? 

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I'll probably be putting an application in. Seems like a really cool opportunity.

HylianSwordsman said:

So this is less a side hustle and more like a hobby that brings in a little bit of cash? About how much time do you feel the need to invest in this each week? And how much do you actually end up investing? My job is full time plus overtime, averaging 50 hours a week, so I wouldn't be able to put a ton of time into this, but it might be fun.

You don't need to invest time every week to be honest, it just depends on your lifestyle I guess. I work around 40 hours per week, but I do writing in my downtime between exercises in the gym (unconventional, I know) so I've just kind of fitted it around other things.

Machina will tell you more about exactly what's expected, but I think writing a couple of articles/reviews a month would be more than acceptable. It doesn't have to be a significant time sink, but absolutely it can be a nice little hobby on the side that brings in a little cash.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

Yeah, but is there a way to see the unique views? Without that, the only way I got to calculate it is with the total views and hope that not too many read an article twice.

I am a writer myself and really interested, but right now i'm also buried in work and fallen behind, so I simply wouldn't have time for it in the near future. Once my schedule clears up a bit, I'm willing to give it a shot, but for the next 2 months, I simply don't have enough time for it.

No way to see unique views other than the views counter we get as part of the writing tools. I'll just say that unique views is notably less than total views.

Hi guys and gals, the deadline to apply for staff writer ends on Friday, August 2. If you're still thinking of applying, now's the time!

Thanks to all those who have already submitted applications.

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I'm working on my submissions now. Just a quick question. I know you said to keep the submissions short. How short exactly? Can I get a word or paragraph count to stick to? Thanks.

Cerebralbore101 said:
I'm working on my submissions now. Just a quick question. I know you said to keep the submissions short. How short exactly? Can I get a word or paragraph count to stick to? Thanks.

As long as it's not significantly more than any of these it'll be fine -

Just submitted mine. It's a pretty long one, but it's one that I'm very passionate about.

Just submitted mine. Let me know if you guys need anything else, thanks!

Sent mine in, thanks for the consideration.