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Which are you most excited for?

Black Widow 3 12.00%
The Eternals 1 4.00%
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 2 8.00%
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 10 40.00%
Loki 0 0.00%
Hawkeye 0 0.00%
WandaVision 0 0.00%
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 0 0.00%
What If...? 1 4.00%
Thor Love and Thunder 8 32.00%
haxxiy said:
The female Thor movie, because some people will be triggered to no end and it'll be delicious.

Oh I hope to be triggered by Natalie Portman ;)

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I wanna get hyped for Thor 4 being a thing, because it might just mean Thor isn't in GotG Vol. 3, but... I still think the worst would happen. After all, when these storylines were originally conceived, GotG Vol. 3 was going to come out in 2020, so it'd probably address Thor anyway. Ugh. Really hope this doesn't happen.

Other than that, I'm as excited as I thought I'd be. Not really in the mood for more MCU after Endgame, I'm hyped for the stuff I already cared about - Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Guardians and Black Panther - not very interested in the new stuff. But, maybe if those looks interesting when trailers or reviews start coming out, they'll pull me back in.

Also, what's up with Wanda and Vision series being set after Endgame? If they bring him back that's just gonna suck. Should've been set before Infinity War, but, oh well, I guess I don't care much.

I am not really interested to be honest. I may watch Black Widow just out of respect for the character and Scarlett Johannson who did so much for the MCU. Shiang Chi might be cool if they don't go too crazy with the martial arts.

I fully expect a third Spider-Man MCU movie to come out in maybe July 2021 just because Sony does not have much else in terms of franchises and they want to use Tom Holland as much as possible while he is young. I also expect them to slide Ant Man 3 somewhere in that lineup. Ant Man and the Wasp was left out of the initial MCU Phase 3 lineup announcement after all.

This franchise is exhausting.

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I remember watching the first Batman movie on VHS, I remember watching Blade on DVD and the first X-men movie....Loved how dark they felt, magneto's opening in the jewish camp, blade blood shower and Batman....Well Batman is always dark themed. I was happy as a to see superheroes movies getting some love.....but I simply can't get into the last 5 years of super heroes movies. I have netflix and I enjoyed some of the marvel shows but I always prefer shows above movies because I care more about the characters. But my dislike of the new superheroes movies is a general movie thing, I can't remember the last time I really enjoyed a (hollywood) movie. Watched the star wars movies on netflix and I was almost struggling to finish them while I watched the first three SW films +20 times on VHS. Oh well hope they are great for the ones who enjoys them :)

Snesboy said:
haxxiy said:
The female Thor movie, because some people will be triggered to no end and it'll be delicious.

Oh I hope to be triggered by Natalie Portman ;)

Riiiiight. Sure you do.






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My thoughts are mostly that they ran out of characters the average audience member has heard of.

It's Marvel though, so they'll probably be about as good as you could hope for.

AlbiNecroxz said:
CaptainExplosion said:
I hope they get the right actors for the Fantastic Four, especially someone big and strong enough to be Thing.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, give or take

And if he declines, John Cena.

I'm taking a break from super hero movies. Even though I've been feeling super hero fatigue for a while, quality movies like Black Panther and Infinity War pulled me back in but now I really don't want to get back into it. I'm fine with the way things concluded in End Game and I'll leave it at that.

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This will come to be known as the entropic phase of the MCU.

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V-r0cK said:
Disney is killing it!!! (In a good way lol)

No, literally.

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