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Forums - Movies & TV - Will Spider-Man: Far From Home break $1B worldwide box office?


Do you think Spider-Man: Far From Home will break $1B worldwide box office numbers?

Yes ~ Spider-Man: Far Fro... 27 84.38%
No ~ None of the Spider-M... 3 9.38%
Maybe ~ I'm not really su... 0 0%
Huh ~ I'm not even old enough to vote, yet... 0 0%
Waiting ~ I'm from anothe... 2 6.25%
Herald ~ Take me to your Leader. 0 0%
Mourning ~ it's still too... 0 0%
Pre-Ordering ~ Marvel's S... 0 0%
Spoiler-Free: secret-scene....awe WHAT!!? 0 0%
Happy ~ Are you going to be my new Uncle? 0 0%

Please vote above, and comment...

Do you think Spider-Man: Far From Home will break worldwide box office records of $1B to become the most successful Spider-Man movie?

[edit: may I please ask a Mod for help with inserting the poll?]

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Yes, by mid August

Probably…..wish Spider-Verse had done those numbers instead. These Tom Holland entries just aren't doing anything for me.

Yes. Isn't it with $850m or so already? It will easily get past 1b eventually.

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Im not sure. Its already passed its 2 fist weeks and come this weekend The Lion King gets its worldwide release. It needs 150m and thats still a lot.

With ease

It could do it. But... as a Spider-Man fan, judging by your avatar... I suppose you are aware that the three Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies have each sold as many tickets as a $1.1 - 1.2 billion movie would sell today.






I hope so. He's Marvel's real mascot. It'd be a shame if he couldn't.

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All these people who probably skipped Homecoming just to get on the bandwaggon ....

At least, we're far better with these than crap like Baywatch remake or Transformers xP

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