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Forums - General Discussion - Which of These PlatinumGames Fan Favourites Should Receive a Sequel?


Which of These PlatinumGames Fan Favourites Should Receive a Sequel?

MadWorld 91 9.90%
Infinite Space 12 1.31%
Vanquish 139 15.13%
Anarchy Reigns 8 0.87%
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 88 9.58%
The Wonderful 101 154 16.76%
Transformers: Devastation 18 1.96%
Nier: Automata 330 35.91%
Other - One of Their Other Games 23 2.50%
Other - None of Their Games 56 6.09%

PlatinumGames is known for its diverse portfolio of games and impressive work rate. But which, if any, of the company's more acclaimed past titles is most deserving of a sequel?

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Nier, minus 9S.

Nier: Automata + MadWorld.

Those two stand out, and are IP's they could easily work & polish up in sequels.

The ones that aren't made exclusive to a platform.

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Nier Automata and Vanquish

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I don't like hack and slash games.

At first I was going to go for Vanquish, but the poll reminded me of the wonderful Infinite Saga - I'd love a sequel or remake of that. I'd like to see sequels to Vanquish and Wonderful 101 - I'm yet to play Nier: Automata, but I suspect I'll love that, too.

MadWorld, with the exact same announcers. And while we're at it, also a comeback of the Black Baron (stop staring!)

First, and foremost, Nier: Automata.
I guess Vanquish would be my no2 choice.
I dont care if the others get a sequel.

Too early to say Astral Chain? Seriously, that game looks amazing. Hopefully it turns out as good as it looks. My more serious answer would be Nier.