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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town remake announced for Switch

Barkley said:

Well every Harvest Moon game recently has been garbage. So remaking one of the good Harvest Moon games should be a safe bet. I mean they can't screw this up right?

Don't like the look the look of the first gameplay image, mainly the ground looks bleh, other two are ok.

edit: Oh it's Story of Seasons. Might actually be good.

The dev team that did Harvest Moon ended their relationship with Natsume decade ago. Harvest Moon has been rebranded in English Speaking countries as Story of Seasons and Natsume made a bunch of fake Harvest Moon games using the license; but none of the Harvest Moon dev staff worked on any games published by Natsume after 2009.

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I dont know, I really feel like chibi art styles should have been chucked in the bin by now. These graphics look like they are from the Wii era. I think I'm just going to wait and see what Rune Factory 5 looks like when that eventually gets revealed

Seeing other forums and such people saying “Harvest Moon games have been garbage for the last decade.”

I am not sure how so many fans could not know they were playing cheap knock off games and not authentic Harvest Moons over a simple rebranding SEVEN YEARS AGO! =)

In short. The developer of Harvest Moon (Victor/Marvelous) was small and lacked the resources to publish in the west. So they contracted other companies to localize their game: and they localized it as Harvest Moon. Around 15 years and about as many sequels pass and Marvelous has grown enough that they can own their own localization/publishing studios: such as XSeed in the US. A company called “Natsume” had been localizing the franchise to the US, and they had been the company to register the trademark of Harvest Moon in the US and Western markets. Marvelous had to rebrand Harvest Moon as Story of Seasons, and Natsume hired new devs to make cheap-knock off Harvest Moon games.

Somehow many people have not understood that basically the game franchise that was Harvest Moon before 2012 = Story of Seasons since 2012. The games branded as Harvest Moon after 2012 are fake knock-offs.

Another way of putting it. Harvest Moon since 2012 has NOTHING to do with the Harvest Moon franchise before 2012. The more recent Harvest Moon branded games are counterfeits created by a dirtbag company called Natsume. The authentic Harvest Moon franchise, made by Marvelous, is now branded as Story of Seasons.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.