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Forums - Movies Discussion - Christopher Nolan's spy action-thriller Tenet has a reported budget of $225 mil

Can't day I liked Dunkirk at all.

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spurgeonryan said:

Can't day I liked Dunkirk at all.

Can't day I'm surprised.

That's a nice chunk of change. Going to need $450M to break even on the budget alone. Probably $600M-$650M when factoring in advertising budget.

I find his movies overrated in a pretty extreme way, but movies get budgets like this all the time. All that matters to Hollywood is the bottom line and Nolan certainly delivers. I guess the movie of his I like best is Interstellar. I remember my dad really did not like the Dark Knight. Probably the only time I remember him being so negative about a movie. I also did not like it, but I am not a super hero movie kind of guy so it wasn't a disappointment. I think for me the Joker just doesn't make sense. He is not taken seriously enough by the rest of the cast and has way more power than he would have in real life. I don't empathize with the Joker or find him believable. Just an insane guy. I actually have more interest for the new Joker movie than I ever had for the Nolan batman movies. Interstellar was very predictable with the daughter as the old lady; that plot twist not working at all since it was so obvious that the vagueness was put there on purpose.