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Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan Sales week 17, April 22-28 2019 famitsu

Nice debut for Days Gone

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Yeah, I thought SAO would sort out around the 50K mark but it did under what I expected ... hmmm

Good debut in Japan for Days Gone (posting better numbers than the UK,lol)

Meanwhile, Switch cruises over 40K as usual which is still better than last year in the upcoming event of Golden Week.

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
JRPGfan said:

42k Switch
11k PS4
0.155k Xbox One's (155 units)

PS4 needs to double its sales in japan.... 10k pr week is not a good look.

How you get to 11k?

8700+5300=14k, not 11k.

Did you read 3500 Pro instead of 5300, and then just added 8+3, by any chance?

Korvo_Attano said:
MK11 sales must be abysmal if it didn't even make the top 10. Unless it didn't release in Japan the same day as it did to the rest of the world.

As far as I could see, It doesn't release in Japan at all. So no wonder it's not showing up.

Lmao your right!..... I just looked and somehow it got added up to 11k, when its actually over 14k.

14k isnt so bad, wish it did better in japan though.

Switch 2 weeks in a row at 40ks.
I hope is the pre golden week effect only, and it go back to 60s after it.

jonathanalis said:
Switch 2 weeks in a row at 40ks.
I hope is the pre golden week effect only, and it go back to 60s after it.

This week contains the very beginning of Golden Week. While everything may slightly tick up, I doubt it'll jump super high.

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That the Switch has sold as well as it has this first half with very little in terms of big Nintendo software really makes me wonder just how much higher it will go once we hit summer and the big releases start coming.

Oh wow, really surprised that FFXII TZA did more than FFX/X-2 HD on Switch.

Didn't expect Days Gone to debut with more than 100k.

Hardware sales are super depressing, hopefully Switch does more than 60k in Golden Week.