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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5>XB4>NS units sold next gen

Switch is beating XB4. Hands down.

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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Well, it's pretty obvious that PS5 is beating the XB2. I think it and the Anaconda will be pretty much the same power level. Nothing like the 40% the PS4 had over the XBO. Probably more like 10%-15%, if one is more powerful. And in that scenario Sony wins. It's possible it will be close in NA, but in Europe and Japan it won't be close at all.

Of course, there is a chance that the more powerful box is the Xbox 2, but if that's the case I see Microsoft not wanting to take much of a loss or any loss at all. So it may be a little more powerful, but it may also be $50-$100 more expensive. That will help PS5 even more.

Ljink96 said:
Well by the logic of a lot of people, Switch's isn't next gen so we can only compare PS5 and Xbox 2 until Switch 2 is released. That's how I see it anyway.

PS3/X360/Wii = Gen 7
PS4/XOne/WiiU = Gen 8
PS5/X4/Switch = Gen 9

Do we really have to explain that Sega Saturn/Dreamcast situation again? Why is Wii Gen 7 if it has the about the same power as GameCube (Gen 6)? Gens have nothing to do with power/resolution. Switch is officially the successor of Wii U, so it must be Gen 9. All sources will switch the Switch to Gen 9 as soon as PS5 will be released.

But maybe Nintendo releases completely new home console hardware next year (with new OS and different design – regarding rumors) and the Switch will be then counted as a handheld and successor of 3DS, since Nintendo is likely to launch new Switch handheld hardware this fall. I really can imagine a powerful stationary unit with gamecard slot and disc drive which can play exclusive content (and demanding 3rd party games with huge file sizes) AND Switch games in better quality (Zelda BOTW in 4K60 is already possible with cemu emulator).

OP: PS5: 100m, X4: 50m, Switch: 110m

kirby007 said:

Why you ask?

Its quite simple really as seen in the interview the PS5 is build to be futureproof and has a solid predecessor in the PS4.

The XB4 in the other corner, is rumored to be weaker and doesnt have the same library and most games will be playable on pc anyway. Besides how strong will the brand be after the flipflop known as the XBO.

And then we have the NS a great console but so far behind the curve most tvs wont cater to its resolution in a few years. Doubtfull if even the NSpro will handle stable 1440p/60fps. And ofcourse half its sales have been made in the current gen.

Thus my expectation for next gen which will result saleswise in the order Ps5>xb4>nsw

How is the PS5 more future proof than the ps4? Wasn't the PS4 supposed to last ten years?

The Xbox has by FAR the highest ceiling of any of the big three because of all the companies they've been buying. Their software output next cycle is going to make Sony and Nintendo look like jokes, and I say this as a Nintendo Fan first and foremost. The PC part is going to appeal to PC gamers and is going to lead to even more software sales, which is really the only thing that matters since hardware rarely profits much and often is sold at a loss or break even.

You really think in a few years (which means 3), that TVs won't do 1080p? HAHA. 4k resolution, I bet, won't be even 50% adopted by 2022. Nintendo is fine. The Switch is fine. And the Switch 2.0 will be fine.

I can't even comprehend any of this.

But NS is this generation. We will have to compare ninties next console with PS5 and NXbox.

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Sony will probably have a strong start with the PS5, unless they mess the reveal up PS3/XBOne style. Considering they've been burning some of their consummer good will lately (lateness of getting cross-platform functionality, PS Classic being a cashgrab, increasing censorship on nudity...) it's not out of the question they could fuck it up, though it is minimal they have such a strong hold on the console market.

The XBTwo is going to struggle, both by the XBOne not being that competitive to begin with and due to Microsoft's direction to put their software on other platforms.

The Switch is the only real gaming handheld left in the market, and even at its weakest that has always reached at least 70-80m all platforms combined. The Switch is able to reach and pass that number easily, considering how well it sells due to the strength of Nintendo's IPs alone, plus the ocasional big 3rd party.


No idea how to quantify the Apple Arcade and Google Stadia effords compared to the regular consoles.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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You're wrong, but ok. Unless the PS5 and X4 have valid portable options, the Switch still has its place in the mainstream. Also I believe after a 5 year cycle, we will see a Switch 2 in spring 2022. This would close the gap to at least what we already have with Switch and PS4 only 1.5 years after the PS5 lands. During that time, most games will likely still be cross gen anyways, so your predictions are way off base.

I believe you somewhat already know that though. 😉

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Switch will have had a massive head start on the other two consoles.. And because it has a firm grip on Japan and is very strong in America and UK as well, by that merit alone it's highly doubtful that XB will even get close surpassing it. The only time a MS console has surpassed a Nintendo one thus far is the original Xbox (well and Wii U if you count that) and this was largely because of how much Nintendo dropped the ball with those consoles, and even then it barely edged it out Cube by a couple million. And I like the Xbox line of consoles, but there is nothing to indicate to me that MS is capable of selling more hardware than Nintendo. 

Sony is more of a question mark. Their next console certainly eventually can pass the Switch, but it'll take a long long time to do so, and who's to say the Switch won't have long legs? I tend to think it will, as it seems to be trending more similarly to a Nintendo handheld than home console, like the DS/Gameboy, which makes sense as it is essentially a souped up handheld. Though it's tough to ever count out Sony when it comes to home consoles.

I think it'll be something like PS5>Switch>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>XB4

But it'll likely be extremely close between the two Japanese companies, with Nintendo gobbling up most of Japan and a healthy amount of US/UK, while Sony will thrive more in the rest of Europe and have a close to even split with NS and XB in the US. 


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Nogamez said:
But NS is this generation. We will have to compare ninties next console with PS5 and NXbox.

Well I don't know what to think. That means Wii U was ps3/360 gen? Then Wii was Xbox/Ps2 gen? GameCube and N64 were not out at the same time...

Its crossgen so its sales need to be seperated as such

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